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Academy Philosophy

We have established a detailed Academy Philosophy and Vision linked to those of the football club.

The values of the club have a real relevant focus. The values focus on 5 core principles; Hardworking, Honesty, Excellence, Development and Pride;


We want all our players to work hard within every session and games. Our coaches will provide them with the opportunity to develop but it is down to the individual player.  Hard work teaches perseverance, persistence and determination


Honesty is an important value because it contributes to a positive mindset and facilitates morally acceptable behavior. Honesty is an important life skill for our players. Young players who adopt honest behavior are more likely to be successful and less likely to succumb to negative peer pressures.


It is important that all our players learn and develop how to give the best of themselves, on the field or in life; taking part; and progressing according to their own objectives.  


Clearly development (into the first team) is also an aspect which is important within our philosophy and one in which will be key measuring tool. We want to develop players so they are technically/tactically, physically, mentally and socially ready to step into the first team environment.


We want our players to be proud to represent Shrewsbury Town and adhere to the club vision, values and expectations.
Academy Objectives

1.    To encourage each player to achieve their best in football and education.

2.    To develop and implement an age specific football and education programme which will enhance the all-round development of each player.

3.    For staff and players to act as positive role models in our behaviours.

4.    To provide a supportive, disciplined environment for learning to take place.

5.    To effectively communicate the aims and objectives of the Academy to all of its stakeholders.

6.    To promote and support positive outcomes related to health and social development.

7.    To recognise and celebrate an individual’s success on or off the pitch.