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Questions To The Club - 6/06/12

3 July 2012

The answers to the questions that you have sent in

Answers - 6th June 2012

Q - Hello,

I have asked the club questions in the past but as yet I have never received a reply even if the club is not able to comment on the question asked?

I have been a season ticket holder for several seasons now and have noticed that it is a bit dangerous at the end of a match to exit through the opening in the gate by the railway line, as a large number of people all want to use this exit. Due to the fact that supporters want to go in both directions it leads to congestion. 

Now that we have been promoted and are now most likely going to get extra support as each game, is there any way that another opening could be created further up the side of the fencing, so that supporters going towards Sainsbury's could use the one opening and people going the other way could use the other opening. This would save congestion and help supporters leave the area quicker and safer?

Also on the same pathway is there anything that can be done as regards lighting, as when we play night games it can be quite dangerous walking down the pathway as you cant see where you are going. If someone fell over they could quite easily get trampled on?

Kind Regards

Trevor - via email

A - Dear Trevor

Thank you for your e mailed question to the club. This is the first question I have seen from you so apologies if others have been "lost in the system".

We are in discussion with the Council and supporters groups regarding the whole issue of the exit and entry from the railway side of the ground. We have established that the Council does indeed have responsibility for the path and we are working with the Council to look at ways of making the route more safe and secure. We are planning to place another gate in the fence to ease congestion and allow supporters to more easily exit left towards Sainsbury's or right towards the Oteley Road. Lighting is another issue which the club has asked the Council to consider though these matters are in the early stages of discussion.

Best wishes

Martin James

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