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Questions To The Club 2/11/11

3 July 2012

Answers to the questions that you have sent into the club

Answers - 2nd September2011

Q - Hello,

In the club statement on the West Stand safety gate the composition of the Safety Advisory Group was mentioned. It appears from that statement that there is no fans representation on that group which i feel is an issue that should be addressed. Match going fans are the people who use the facilities not those groups mentioned, therefore I think it appropriate that their opinions be taken into account. Can the club address this issue ?

regards Alan James - via Email

A - Hi Alan

The "make up" of this meeting is determined by Shropshire Council of which STFC is a member - STFC do not chair it- I will however raise it as a point at the next meeting .

Kind Regards

Ian Bebbington

Q - Hi Got a slight moan regarding the toilets in the south stand. There is only one hand drier available to everyone washing their hands. Is it possible the club could put another couple in. There is plenty of room to the left of the sinks for at least 2.

Regards Andy Miller- via Feedback Form

A - Thanks for your question

We had a similar issue with the west stand - which we installed extra into last season.

I will look into installing extra into the South.

Kind Regards

Ian Bebbington

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