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Tom Bradshaw

12 July 2012

Shrewsbury Town Comment on Tom Bradshaw DRC Ruling

Shrewsbury Town Comment on Tom Bradshaw DRC Ruling

Following recent media enquiries after comments attributed to Aberystwyth Town Football Club, we wish to clarify the events surrounding the FIFA determination regarding Tom Bradshaw.

The two clubs asked FIFA's Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to assist in dealing with the training costs determination of Tom Bradshaw. Aberystwyth Town wanted a large compensatory sum and significant parts of their submissions were rejected.However, one point was upheld.

Shrewsbury Town Football Club was supported in the DRC determination by the Football Association.The FA's representatives, and Shrewsbury Town, were both very surprised and disappointed by the unexpected outcome which appeared contrary to the facts and guidelines.

The decision of the DRC was subject to legal advice to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland (CAS). The legal advice was very clear that the DRC decision appeared factually flawed and contrary to previous guidance from CAS.

As a consequence Shrewsbury Town Football Club instructed their solicitor, Paul Bennett of Bennett's Legal, to prepare the matter for appeal to CAS. At the same time Shrewsbury Town through their solicitor acted in good faith in seeking an early negotiated resolution of this matter, for the benefit of both football clubs.Shrewsbury Town are therefore disappointed with the inaccurate reports suggesting the Club is paying the flawed DRC ruling amount. Club Solicitor Paul Bennett commented:

"Contrary, to media reports the two clubs reached an amicable agreement below the compensation figure determined by the FIFA's Dispute Resolution Committee.

Neither club obtained the outcome it sought from the DRC ruling.

It would be inappropriate to comment further on the specifics save as to observe that Shrewsbury Town Football Club, after legal advice, were conscious the ruling could be appealed but determined to focus on an appropriate commercial resolution if this could be agreed given the costs of going to CAS and the financial disparity between the two clubs.

Shrewsbury Town have an exciting season ahead. As the fans would expect when it became clear resources and time would be diverted from playing matters the club chose to focus on the footballing challenges ahead.

Whilst the DRC ruling remains a flawed, one in our view, it does not set a precedent; the issue here was one of the club's best interests. The benefits of an appeal to CAS were mitigated by the reduced settlement negotiated.

It should be noted that Aberystwyth Town's nearest league club is Shrewsbury Town and the negotiated settlement between solicitors, on behalf of both clubs, was reflective of the wish of both clubs to maintain good relations in respect of academy prospects. "

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