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Supporters Groups Forum

24 September 2012

Notes from the supporters groups meeting on 12th September 2012

Supporter Groups Forum 4 Agenda

Feedback on previous issues from club

1. Refurbishment of Super Blues Way and possibility of installing safety lighting  (SuperBlues)
The council had provided 40 tonnes of stone for the refurbishment of the pathway towards Sainsbury’s behind the West Stand.  This was enough to top dress the existing Super Blues Way also.  Thanks to the Super Blues for financing the work to install the stone.   The Council are responsible for any decision on the potential lighting of the path.

2. Proposed timetable for installation of new scoreboard and television screens (SuperBlues/ B and A)
Richard Hill says the length of time that it has taken since the first announcement is because the club are taking all the right precautions to make sure that once this process is complete that every angle can be covered both law/structurally and the benefit of Shrewsbury Town and its fans.

The steel work frame , roof joist alterations will commence this week with a 3 – 4 week turnaround to get everything in place, fans must realise this is not a score board like the previous one and that it would be considerably heavier, a lot more technically advanced and will have electronic hoists installed so that the screen could be maintained. Therefore rather than go to the expense of installing a pontoon bridge or any other permanent rear access structure we needed all of these avenues to be explored to see which would be most practical before installation.

The TV company who are installing the appliances are currently building a bespoke system to put on the screens, we are In consultation with them to make sure they will maximise the potential revenue streams for Shrewsbury Town whilst looking good and providing our fans with all the services they would require on a match day. We are moving the club forward off the pitch so that we can help move the club move forward on the pitch and realise the dreams and aspirations of our fans. This should be finalised this week which means we should be looking unveiling both additions in October.

3. Any further progress in improving the buffet arrangements and concourse shelving etc. (ShrewsTrust)
Concourse shelving in the West Stand to be removed from opposite the buffets to either end of the stand

4. Clarification on the issue of loyalty points (ShrewsTrust)
Andrew Pugh gave a proposal for discussion by the group of a simplified and fair apportioning of loyalty points.  After much positive discussion with the supporter groups reps a simplified proposal was developed to take forward for further discussion within the club.
Proposed Loyalty points structure for League and Cup matches (excluding reserve games)
Home Matches: 1 Point
Away Matches: 1.5 Points
All season ticket holders, sovereign members and box holders (those who have given an advance commitment for the season) will receive 23 home points at the start of the season; extra points will be awarded if these members attend cup matches through the season where they are not included within the membership.
Andrew Pugh has agreed to discuss with the ticketing software provider whether it is possible to split the points recording between home and away therefore if it is a home match which is predicted to be a sell-out then those with the most home awarded loyalty points will have priority with the same being applied to away matches.

5. What is the new management structure and the roles of Martin James and Andrew Pugh in particular?  (ShrewsTrust)
Martin answered that he had been invited to join the club full time as Head of Human Resources and Community Development.  This meant a move from his role as Community Development Manager for the Community Sports Trust charity.  He would manage the transition to find a replacement for him to help the Trust and would be supporting their work from his position within the club.  Andrew is now General Manager of the club and still maintains his Finance Manager role.  Both Andrew and Martin are directly responsible to the Board.  They are accountable for the functioning of the non-football side of the business.  Each department head reports directly to them.  Each department head manages their own staff.  A simple structure of accountability and responsibility is being set up to ensure that, along with better inter-department communication, the business is more efficient and effective.
Alan Roberts has been appointed to full time Stadium Manager and Safety Officer.  His responsibilities include all aspects of match and non-match health and safety, the maintenance programme for the stadium, all dealings with the Safety Advisory Group.

6. Can the issue of people smoking by the bricks at the reception entrance be resolved? (ShrewsTrust/ OSC)
This was discussed and the issue is especially bad when there are non-match day evening events.  The club will look at better signage and roping off the brick areas as well as more regular cleaning.

7. Can a carnet of tickets be possible so supporters can by say 5 tickets at once but use them for games at their leisure?  (B and A)
The simple answer is no.  It is not a workable solution for our club at present with the way the ticketing software allows the management of ticketing for matches over the season. In addition, allowing the advance sale of tickets with no specific allocation provides a number of challenges and variables to match day planning which would impact on the match day experience.

8. Has the club considered putting solar panels on the roof of the South Stand? (B and A)
Yes, two years ago the club looked into the costs and income benefits of installing solar panels.  The benefits were not acceptable.  The calculations at that time showed a return on investment through electricity generation savings would take over 40 years to cover initial costs.  Subsequent tariff changes have ruled out the club ever following this route.  We are however looking at LED lighting around various parts of the stadium

9. Half time entertainment on the pitch.  It is done at other clubs why not at ours?  (B and A)
Martin said he would take the point on to speak with Graham Turner.  This he did and the Manager was, in principle, in favour of some small sided games for children.  Martin is now researching how this can be best operated with the coaches form the Community sports Trust and the Ground staff before reporting back to GT for permission to be granted.

10. Is there any likelihood of roving refreshment sellers to ease pressure on the buffet outlets?  (B and A)
Jenny’s caterers have invested a lot of money into the infrastructure they have in place within the concourse buffets.  Andrew will be speaking to them about the possibility of smaller outlets in other areas of the stadium.

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