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Fans' Parliament

17 December 2013

Encouraging initial meeting to discuss proposal

The meeting to discuss the proposal for Shrewsbury Town supporters to decide on whether to set up a Fans' Parliament met with an encouraging response at the Greenhous Meadow.  

Club chairman Roland Wycherley said: "As chairman of the Board of Shrewsbury Town FC, I wish to endorse the consultation process and potential formation of a proposed Fans' Parliament.

"The idea of a democratically formulated supporter group which can accurately gauge and collect views from across the broad spectrum of support for the club is welcome.  

"It can only enhance the future communication and partnership between the club and its supporter base.  The Fans' Parliament will be a supporter led group, not formed by the club, but supported by it."
The collected audience consisted of the existing supporter groups plus individual supporters who had come along to join in the debate. 

Club supporter liaison officer Martin James introduced the idea of the Fans' Parliament via a power point presentation to the audience and then invited the assembled group to discuss the idea as it is a supporter led initiative which is in itself supported by the club.  
Martin said: “I started the meeting off reading the chairman’s endorsement for the principle of a Fans' Parliament and then set the scene for the fans to decide what they wanted to do. 

"It is a supporter forum, not designed or influenced by the club. It is hoped whatever comes from the public consultation will lead to greater consultation and co-operation between the supporters and the club. 

"We all want the same thing – to support Shrewsbury Town Football Club and ensure its robust and secure future. 

"I see the Fans' Parliament as enabling this process to be far more democratic and hence representative of the breadth of views of the supporter base.  

"Shrewsbury Town Football Club accepts and respects its supporters need to question what it does and why it does it, but also support their club out in the community to increase the level of support for our great club.”
The minutes of the meeting will be posted in due course on the club and supporter group websites.  
This is the time for supporters to join the debate and help to mould a widely representative, collective forum for individuals and supporter groups to voice their opinions and show leadership with their suggestions and support for ideas and initiatives to take the club forward.
If you want more information or to get involved then please contact Martin James -

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