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22 February 2013

Your questions about the club answered.


Q - I was just wondering about the scoreboard position. It clear that it was initially going to be installed to the east of the stand on the roof overhanging the seats, but last Saturday it was in front of the old one, and as such some seats are now not used (netted off). 

Is this a temporary location or is this the final position of the score board, and what is the capacity reduction to the stadium due to netted off seats. 

Glyn Price via Email

A - The positioning of the scoreboard in its central position will be permanent.  After discussion with the Safety Advisory Group, containing the Health and Safety Executive membership, the recommendation was not to erect it in the east end of the stand.  The temporary covering of the seats in front covers around 20 places.  In the event of a sell out away crowd we will remove that netting, but for other matches it will stay in place.  Six disabled spaces were affected by the sitting of the scoreboard.  We have ample provision elsewhere in the away stand as our records show that we have never achieved a full usage of disabled seats for a match in the 6 years of operation at the Greenhous Meadow.  We can make alternative provision should it be needed.

Martin James

Q - Sorry to read that Luke Summerfield was suffering from a hernia.  As an amateur sportsman also finding my training restricted for the same reason, would it be possible for you to give me an idea of the exercises that he is being given to a) improve his strength in the injured area, and b) to maintain his fitness without compromising his injury?

Gareth Edwards via Email

A - Playing with a Hernia 
Firstly it is key to highlight that within the sporting environment there are many forms of so called hernias. For this reason, this has lead to a great deal in confusion in relation to the actual pathology itself as well as the terms used to describe the problem. Additional names that are commonly used are; sportsman’s hernia, gilmores groin and inguinal hernia. As you have heard, this is a pathology whereby with careful management you can continue your normal activities with only small amounts of discomfort. It is crucial however to fully understand the problem that you are faced with prior to continuing sport. 
Generally speaking, the exercises which help to keep you exercising involve strengthening the area around the pelvis, groin and lower back. However, these exercises change dependent on the area of weakness, nature of pain and how to improve the issue. This can often range massively between individuals. To this end, I am unable to give general exercises over the internet. I am however happy for you to contact me to discuss your particular needs individually. 
Chris Skitt -

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