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Players Support Healthy Eating

3 February 2014

Duo Jacobson and McQuade support school healthy eating session

Shrewsbury High Prep school invited Joe Jacobson and Alex McQuade to support their curriculum based nutrition session. They worked with small groups of children comparing the diet of a footballer with that of their own.  

The school hosted competitions, which got the pair in competitive mode working with the students.  The lesson linked in with Healthy Eating as part of the pupils PSHE curriculum and also looked at the different nutrients each food group provided as part of their Science work.

The previous week, Joe Jacobson and Paul Parry visited the school to undertake Science experiments measuring and comparing how an Athletes pulse rate differs to that of a child’s. The children delivered the experiments putting the players and themselves through some gruelling activities, such as: Running, Star Jumps, Football drills, Press ups and Sprinting. 

The atmosphere was fun, energetic and kept lots of children engaged and inquisitive proving their predictions correct or incorrect. 

Hannah Gill, Shrewsbury High Prep School Yr 4 teacher commented ‘Many thanks to the players and I will certainly be requesting more footballers in the future’

‘The players involvement in schools brings an enrichment to curriculum based activity, and can encourage children to engage with sessions adding a certain ‘buzz’ to the atmosphere’ commented Jessica Lightwood, Community Development Officer, ‘the players enjoy the visits as much as the children do, allowing them to take away something from the schools in a personal as well as a professional context.’

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