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CEO On New Home & Away Kits

13 May 2015

Matt Williams Pleased With Supporters' Response

Purchase your new home and away shirts online from the Club Shop HERE."The plan was to bring the third kit out in year two of the deal and obviously we are still in talks with Greenhous about potentially extending their contract because I’m a firm believer in keeping a shirt for two seasons, certainly the home shirt for two seasons," said Matt.

"I’m aware that the Greenhous deal comes to an end at the end of the 2015/16 season and I’ve had a couple of informal meetings to discuss renewing it but if we don’t we will look at something else as a home shirt, maybe to celebrate the 130th Anniversary."

The ‘clash’ may occur as Greenhous’ current kit deal ends at the end of the 2015/16 season, something Matt is keen to extend.

"At the minute we are just looking to see where we’ll clash," added Matt.

"Errea are one of the most pro-active kit manufacturers that I have been involved with – and I’ve been involved with quite a few in the last 14 years that I’ve been in the industry.

"They are keen to showcase what they do. They’re a massive concern out there in Italy. They want to fly a supporter, probably September/October time, out to Parma to have a look around their set-up and maybe take in a game whilst they’re out there, come up with some designs and then we will have the supporters vote on the designs when we get back."

In conjunction with the Club’s new kit manufacturer, Matt revealed that one lucky fan may have the opportunity to have a big say in the design of the club’s third kit, another first for Shrewsbury Town.

"I think that when we get to our first league game of the 2015-16 season, it’s certainly my aim that the current/old badge will have evolved its way out," said Matt.

"We are aware we have some branding and signage on the stadium that we need to address.

"There will be all sorts of changes on concourses. It really is a summer of change this year and hopefully people will understand the reasons behind them and I’m happy to cover off the changes with people as to why we do things because I’m keen to keep moving the club forward off the field as Micky is on it."

Even with the new badge being featured on the shirt, the old one still remains around the Greenhous Meadow, something the Club are working extremely hard on amending.

"Over 300 shirts had gone after the Plymouth game and we’ve had lots of online and telephone orders, so we’ve been busy all day which is great to see,” added Matt.

"There’s nothing worse than seeing people stood around in shops not particularly doing much so they are certainly earning their keep at the moment, which is a good thing.

"It’s a busy summer because throughout it we are going to be bringing in lots of merchandise with the new Club badge on which is something that a lot of supporters are keen to purchase."

Despite Town’s on-field campaign coming to an end, the Club are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure supporters' demands for new merchandise can be fulfilled.

""I think it’s the first time for a long time that we, as a club, have had the following season’s kit available after the last home game of the season, which is something we SHOULD be doing," said Matt.

"Overall the designs have gone down well. You’re never going to satisfy everybody when it comes to designing football kits.

"I know there is the Italian influence in the design and certainly the sizing – I think some of the larger people have had difficulty with the sizing issue but these are things that we will get right. We’ve been on to Italy today to order some larger shirts for some supporters.

"The training range is in now and Sib and Simon are working through to get that ready to go on sale so it’s all positive in there.

"We’ve got lots of new lines and some quality merchandise ranging from body warmers to polo shirts and t-shirts.

"We have all sorts and it really is a good time for the club on the back of our promotion and hopefully we can sell plenty of merchandise as well.

Town now have a new kit manufacturer in Errea as well as a brand new Club badge, and Williams insists this is just the start of a long summer ahead.

Chief executive Matt Williams is delighted with the response from Shrewsbury Town supporters following the release of the Club’s brand new home and away strips.

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