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Skitty Backs Weso To Return Better

8 September 2015

Town physio praises Weso's mental stength and determination

Physio Chris Skitt is looking forward to the challenge of working with James Wesolowski to help him overcome a second cruciate ligament injury in a year.

Weso pulled up in the away win at Barnsley and a scan on Monday has confirmed the initial fears that he had picked up another ACL problem;”It's really bad news, he'd made a brilliant recovery ahead of schedule and I'd been really impressed with the way he'd fitted in against Crystal Palace and then against Oldham.

“Unfortunately he jarred his knee in a run in the Barnsley game which subsequently forced him to come off the pitch.

“We've now had a scan to assess the severity of it and I can't believe that he's done his ACL once again.

“It is on the same knee but it is a separate incident to what he has done before.

“I've been speaking to the consultant today and he says that Weso has been so unlucky to pick up another injury, he says that it is heard of but is very, very unusual.

“We are going to have to deal with it and go again to get him back to how strong he was looking again.”

Weso is now set for an operation next week and once that is complete the rehabilitation will begin. Skitty will look back at the last course of rehab to see if anything can be done differently or improved on this time around;”By the nature of the injury it will be a very similar operation to what he had previously where a new cruciate ligament graft is put in.

“It will be followed by the same course of treatment as we have done previously going forward.

“When something like this happens it is obviously devastating but it gives you the chance to look back on and make sure you did everything right to the best of your ability.

“I'll do that, the surgeon has and even Weso himself will look to see if we did everything we could. Sometimes you have to look and say that he had a really good rehab but has been terribly unlucky in this case.

“We look back at the data which we collect pre-season and then compare that to the previous pre-season that Weso did and he returned stronger, was jumping higher, his muscle bulk was better. We looked at all this and there was no conceivable risk for him returning.”

One thing that Weso doesn't lack is mental toughness and Skitty is embracing the challenge that lies ahead;”Weso is a really positive lad and the mental strength that he's shown in these recent days has been amazing.

“It has amazed me how strong he has been having to deal with all this again but we are going to look forwards and embrace the challenge of the rehab.

“There are different things that I can do with work in similar areas that will maybe make it a little less monotonous for him.

“The main work of the rehab will be very similar, if not the same, but he's got to crack on now with my full support.”

Full recovery from ACL injuries is now common place with advances in surgery and rehabilitation techniques. It will take a while for Weso to get back to full fitness but Skitty is not foreseeing any long term problems;”There shouldn't be any long term affects of this going forwards once his recovery is complete.

“I've gone back reassessing things today and the facts and figures actually say that once you've had your ACL done there is no more risk of problems and some think that the ACL graft becomes stronger than the human ACL.

“It will be a long rehab and one we didn't foresee happening but once he has completed his rehab there should be no further worries.”

One thing that Weso can rely on is the support from everyone in the club as well as the fans. It is a positive environment to work in and it should help spur on the rehabilitation;”The fans have been great and have been superb with both Weso and Natty during their recovery. There have been a number of times they have both been late coming into the treatment room but have said they have been talking to the fans who have been encouraging and lifting them.

“It is a really positive and tight environment to be in, the players were devastated when they heard it might be Weso's knee and that it might be serious.

“They have all shown support, as has the gaffer, Coyney, Jacko, everyone is right behind him and I know he will feel the support that he has got.

“He is a really, really mentally tough lad and he is definitely going to get himself back as soon as he can.”

When Weso and Nat Knight-Percival had cruciate ligament injuries they worked together through the rehab. The mental strength shown by the pair was something which has inspired Skitty;”Throughout my career Weso and Natty are by far in the way mentally the most toughest, strongest, resilient lads that I have ever come across.

“Natty has already mentioned that he wants to be involved as much as he can do to help Weso.

“He's already said that he will give up his time and join in when he can and help to push him on and support him through this rehab.”

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