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Paul Hurst Pre Fleetwood Town

1 December 2016

Gaffer looks ahead to FA Cup Clash

Shrewsbury Town Manager Paul Hurst is hoping to write the wrongs of Town’s defeat to Fleetwood, when his side take on the same opposition on Saturday.

Town were beaten 3-0 by the Flyde Coast side less than two weeks ago, but Hurst is determined to put up a better showing this time around and get through to the third round of the FA Cup.

“I’d rather be playing in the League, but obviously it is FA Cup weekend so we concentrate on that game,” Paul told the Press.

“Because of our opponents and the game we had against them not so long ago, I’m hoping to put things right and if we do, then it gets us through to that third round.

“Revenge is a bit too stronger word, but I want them to see what I believe is a true reflection of us over 90 minutes.

“They’re not going to be fearful coming to us, but we’ve just got to try and play better over the course of the game and give ourselves a better chance of winning a game of football.

“Last Saturday was better, albeit we couldn’t get that goal to win the game, but with the cup this club knows all too well the rewards that they can get from this competition and we’d like to bring more of those times back if possible.”

Paul is hopeful that the previous game won’t have too much of an impact, but admitted that his players will be motivated to put things right.

“I think it’s a completely separate game,” Paul said. 

“I think the only issue perhaps you do get is if you’ve been absolutely outplayed and dominated and you go into the next game trying to do better and then early in the game you realise the same things happening and that clearly you are up against a much better side, then that can make it extremely difficult.

“I’m not taking anything away from Fleetwood, but it didn’t feel like we were totally outplayed or we were up against a team that we can’t compete with, so from that point of view we start again.

“We’ve got a motivation to put things right and get through to the next round of the cup. Fleetwood obviously want to get through too and you can argue that they will be confident because they beat us.

“There’s always phycology you can look at, but it depends on which dressing room you are in to how you look at the game.”

Paul had been disappointed with the way the players had trained earlier in the week, but he was pleased with how they had worked today and hoped they would be firing come the weekend

“I have to say today we’ve had arguably one of the best training sessions that we’ve had since we came to the club, said Paul

“They were very lively and there was a nice balance between some words being exchanged, but not overstepping the mark. It was nice and noisy and it felt like you were coaching a group that were doing well.

“So, today was positive. Does that mean we are going to win on Saturday? No. But, at least that was more like what I come to expect more often than not.”

Meanwhile, on the injury front things seem to be clearing up, although Shaun Whalley, who had been hoping to be back for this weekend’s game, has gone backwards in his rehabilitation.

“We’ve got a couple of longer term problems with Joe Riley and Shaun Whalley,” said Hurst.

“The other injuries that we had have in general cleared up. There’s one or two hat we just need to check on tomorrow to make sure they haven’t had any reactions to training, so fingers crossed we’ll have a near enough full strength squad to choose from.

“Shaun’s had a bit of a setback, how far I’m not too sure, but he certainly felt some pain again. It’s frustrating for him, it’s frustrating for myself, it’s frustrating for everyone really, because he’s one of the few players that I think can really give the crowd a lift and give the team something a little bit different.”

“That’s not putting anyone else’s job down because you need different ingredients to bake a cake and Shaun’s just one of those that is perhaps a little bit different. You still need a lot of the other players’ strengths and qualities to become a good team.”

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