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Manchester United Tickets FAQ

10 February 2016

Answers to some of the questions regarding Manchester United tickets

Some answers to the frequently asked questions we have received so far about Manchester United.

Q - How many loyalty points do I have?
A - If you have an online account you can view how many loyalty points you have by visiting Otherwise, contact the ticket office.

Q - If I am a season ticket holder can I then purchase a ticket with my loyalty points?
A - No. Season ticket holders cannot purchase any extra tickets with loyalty points if they have already purchased as a season ticket holder.

Q - How do I find my supporter number?
A - If you are a season ticket holder it is on your season ticket card. As a casual supporter, it will be on any previous ticket stubs you have. If you can’t find it, please contact the ticket office to find out what it is.

Q - My loyalty points are not showing for previous purchases cup game purchases?
A - Loyalty points are only awarded for league games, this has been the club’s policy for a while -

Q - When is the loyalty point cut off ahead of the Manchester United game?
A - No more loyalty points will be allocated from after the Southend game until the Manchester United game has been played.

Q - Some of the loyalty points for away games I have purchased seem to be missing. Why?
A - Loyalty points for the Fleetwood and Blackpool games have been temporarily removed. These will be reinstated once the Manchester United game has been played.   Ticketmaster will be updating the points this evening to reflect away points occurred over the season.

Q - Some of the loyalty points I believe I have do not seem to be registered on my account?
A - If the above answers do not answer your question then please contact the ticket office –

Q - I have bought tickets for several other people on my season ticket account so can I buy tickets for these people?
A - If there is clear purchase history of you buying regularly for others then this will be honoured for this game so we can transfer the loyalty points to their account. We strongly advise that you set-up accounts for these other supporters.

Q - I am a season ticket holder and I have already purchased my Man United ticket. I have 40 loyalty points on my season ticket so does this mean on Thursday I can buy another ticket ? 
A - Tickets are allocated by your customer number and you have already purchased your Man United ticket.  You will not be able to purchase any more tickets during the loyalty points period.

Q - My Super Blues loyalty points don’t seem to have been added my account?
A - If there are any Super Blues members who are anticipating loyalty points being awarded for their membership to enable them to buy a ticket would they please contact Chris Smith (preferably by e-mail at ) Please provide your Football Club Supporter number and current 2015/16 loyalty points balance.


All of the points for the Blackpool and Fleetwood games have been added back to accounts which were bought before the draw on Sunday.
After discussions between the club and police we have had to stop half season ticket and flexi ticket purchases so that fans that who have followed us so far this season get priority with tickets.
The police have advised that no points will be allocated to any away matches until after the Manchester United fixture with an almost certain uptake of away fans purchasing tickets for loyalty point.

If you have any other questions email

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