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Micky Mellon on Season Aims

19 September 2016

The Gaffer sets out his goals for the campaign

Shrewsbury Town Manger Micky Mellon has admitted he’s wants to see the club continue its progression in the long term.
Micky was talking on Monday after the 1-0 defeat against Scunthorpe on Saturday, where his side matched the table toppers for the full 90 minutes.
The Gaffer believes that his side are moving in the right direction and set out his aims for the future.
“My aim, as the manager here, and the clubs aims, should be, to do something we haven't done often in 25 years, to try and do back to back League One seasons and retain that League One status,” Micky told the press. 
“I think that’s important. We know that for almost 25 years, this club has not been able to do back to back League One seasons often and that’s something I’m very keen to see that it does, and then it’s got to continually build on the team, continually make it improve.
“To where that can get too, I’m not entirely sure, I’ve not got a crystal ball but I know that it has got to try and continually improve.”

Despite an up and down start to the season, Town have proved in their performances that they can match any side in the league and Micky believes that the club is improving.
“I don’t think there’s any doubt that the team, performance wise, is now running these teams at the top of the league much, much closer,” expressed Micky.
“I look at it last season and I can show you the evidence that with half an hour to go we were falling behind in the race with these teams.
“We’re not now, the margins are becoming very small and pretty much most of the games this seasons could have fallen our side. That’s how I’ve got to measure where the club’s at.
“The club’s got to make sure that it’s a League One club again for the first time, and I keep saying it, in 25 years. That’s not good enough, so it’s got to try and do that.
But, it’s not got to try and eat itself from within, and believe that it’s any better than doing that. It’s got to get towards being able to achieve that.

Whilst results on the pitch may not be as good as the team are hoping for, off the field, everything is set up to see the club move forward. And Micky believe the club are capable of holding their ownz at this level.
“At the minute, the youth we have at the club we are really excited about,” said Micky.
“There’s an infrastructure here that’s been built now that, regardless of who’s here or not can run now. There’s a new club being built, we’re about to move into a training ground that we’ve never had before, so all round the place there’s improvements.
“But, my job as the manager is to make sure that people come along on a Saturday or a Tuesday night, and I’m very conscious that I have to put on a performance for these fans that they believe is worth paying for, and that’s what I’m absolutely committed to trying to do.
“But, we are in a tough league, we are a relatively new team and we’re learning things about each other all the time. We’re growing and we’re improving, and there’s one thing that’s not up for debate and that is that there is a hell of a lot of talent in that dressing room, and it’s a hell of a lot of talent that’s very capable, as we’ve seen, of making big impacts in the games in this division.”

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