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Paul Hurst Post Millwall

4 April 2017

Gaffer looks back on the game with Millwall

Boss Paul Hurst once again bemoaned his sides luck as they were beaten 2-1 by Millwall.

Refereeing decisions again appeared to be against Town, with Millwall’s first goal appearing to be offside and their second saw Jayson Leutwiler go down with a head injury.

Paul Hurst had a long chat with the referee before talking to the press and he spoke about the two incidents, starting with the offside.

“I thought first half there nothing in the game really", Paul told the Press.

“We played a poor part in the goal, but, having seen it, he’s offside, so that’s the first decision that goes against us again.

“We are naïve in that no one puts there hand up to say he’s offside, which can obviously influence the referee, so that’s something we need to talk about and get into our make-up.

“Second half I asked them to believe in themselves to get back in the game. We started well on the front foot and for most of that second half I thought we were the better side.

“They had their moments with pushing men forward, but we were positive and I can’t ask more from the players in that sense.”

The second goal saw Shaun Hutchinson fire into an empty net as Jayson lay on the floor holding his head and Paul believes the game should have been stopped.

“The second goal Jayson’s been hit by a player running in and he’s got ice on his head in there”, said Paul.

“The referee has said he wasn’t sure it was a head injury and that he hasn’t seen the player run into Jayson.

“Realistically if you are a goalkeeper and your goals open you don’t lie on the floor. You get up, you get back and you try and make a save.

“What I’ve been told in the past is that if there is any doubt whatsoever that there might have been a head injury the game gets stopped.

“Millwall might have been upset by that because of where the ball was, but the bigger picture and what we’ve been told, the game should have been stopped.

“Clearly the lad ran into Jayson and caught him on the head. For me, the referee has got a good view of it, but he said at the time he didn’t and we end up two-nil down.”

Town got a goal back through Shaun Whalley and although Paul admitted that the outcome may not have been different, the game was yet again affected by the officials for the second time in four days.

“We then get a goal back”, continued Paul.

“Would it have been a point? Would it have been three points if both goals had been overruled? No one can tell you that, but it’s just yet another example of officials having an impact on the game.”

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