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James Bolton Pre Rochdale

Bolts looks ahead to Rochdale test

18 August 2017

Shrewsbury Town’s new right-back James Bolton admits he is settling in well ahead of this weekend’s game with Rochdale.

Bolton, who joined the club this summer, has played the full-ninety minutes in all three of Town’s games so far this season, including their two league victories.

This is James’ first spell in League One, after joining from National League side Gateshead and he admits that he’s enjoying the challenge.

“Obviously we’ve done really well in the games we’ve played in and maybe surprised a few, but it hasn’t been a surprise to any of the lads”, Bolton told the Press.

“It’s a good group of lads to be honest. There aren’t any clicks or anything like that, so it’s a good group to be part of. All the lads have been very welcoming, as have the staff.

“For me, it couldn’t have started much better. We’ve had the two league wins and the chance to play at Forest as well, where I thought we did well, so it’s been a good start.”

With Joe Riley injured, James has been thrown into the deep-end since joining the club, but he already feels as if he is getting to grips with the level.

“I think there are different aspects of the game which are different”, James continued.

“I think the Conference is a little bit more physical, but as you get higher the more technical the players get, but so far I have found it okay to be honest.

“I haven’t felt out of place, which is nice, but it’s a long season. I was glad to get straight into it rather than having to wait a couple of weeks on the bench and worrying about whether I would do alright.

“I was thrown into the deep end by starting and I think I’ve done okay.”

Town’s home form was key to their survival last season and James believes it will be vitally important this time around as well.

“We’ve got to make sure our home form is good this year”, said Bolton.

“That is the key to doing well and then hopefully picking up as many points as you can away. Winning your games at home is your foundation and if you can pick some points up away then it will allow for a good season.

“We’ve looked at a few things about Rochdale today, just little things, but you’ve got to take every game differently. No team is going to be the same, so you’ve got to prepare for that.”

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