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Paul Hurst Pre Rochdale

Gaffer looks ahead to the home game with Rochdale

17 August 2017

Shrewsbury Town Boss Paul Hurst isn't letting his side get ahead of themselves as they prepare to take on Rochdale on Saturday.

Town have won their two opening League One fixtures 1-0, producing a fine performance away at AFC Wimbledon last time out.

However, Rochdale pose a different type of test on Saturday and Hurst is wary that a poor performance could be just around the corner.

“We’ve all watched enough games to know that a team can be functioning really well, but there are seven days before the next game and a lot can happen in that people”, Paul said.

“There are too many variables to be 100% sure that we will be alright. I’ve watched teams in the Premiership where sometimes you think no one can touch them and then the next week they look vulnerable or they might slip up.

“It’s never easy, but I’m not looking at the game fearing it because how we’ve started fills you with some hope. Work on the training ground hasn’t changed – it’s still hard work.

“The last thing I would want to see is any kind of complacency because you know that we will come unstuck. That’s where, as a manager, if you see that happening you have to stamp it out and make  sure that we do all the things that have helped us get a good couple of victories so far.”

Rochdale pose a different style of threat to Town’s first couple of league games, but Paul believes they have a number of ways that they can try and hurt Town.

“I think Rochdale have got the players to mix it up”, said Hurst.

“From watching their game last week they played three different formations in the game. The game before that they played a different formation again. So, in terms of knowing exactly how they will line-up formation wise is difficult.

“They’ve got a couple of big strikers there if they want to start that way, but initially, last week it was two smaller, nippier players and they’ve certainly got that in midfield with their energy.

“I think they will play in a certain style irrespective of who starts for them, but they can still be a big enough threat themselves to cause problems at set-plays.”

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