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Freddie Ladapo Pre Scunthorpe United

10 February 2017

Dancing striker looks ahead to taking on high flying Iron

Shrewsbury Town Striker Freddie Ladapo couldn’t stop smiling as he looked ahead to the game with Scunthorpe on Saturday.

Freddie has scored three goals in his first five Town games and his iconic dancing celebration has quickly become a huge hit with supports.

Ladapo is delighted with how he has settled in and just wants to keep dancing every week.

“I think I’m just enjoying myself and wanting to dance every week”, Freddie told the Press.

“I’m just happy that I’m able to contribute every week with a goal. You’re not always going to be able to score, but the teams been on a positive run now and that is the most important thing for us.

“I think the manager is instilling what he wants in the team, like the work rate, the attitudes towards whoever we play and making sure that we are all fighting for our places because you can see the competition is really high now.

“Every week I am at least seeing the chances. Away from the goals I still get chances in the game and that is the most important thing because you don’t want to be a striker up there and not see any goal joy.”

Freddie’s goal celebrations have seen him become an internet sensation and he admits that he has enjoyed the recognition of his goal scoring exploits.

“The dancing comes from the goals because if there’s no goals there’s no dancing”, smiled Freddie.

“I think it’s just me saying to myself that I’m going to enjoy myself and I’m going to stretch it as far as I can.

“Usually, you would play, you would score and nobody would really hear of you, but now I think the fans even want to come and see that. They shout at me on the pitch and say ‘hurry up and score so I can see you dance’ and I’m just like ‘okay its coming’. 

“The players take the mick out of me all the time, but I think they have come to the realisation that it is going to happen and they would rather see it with me scoring than not see it at all.”

Freddie has already scored against Scunthorpe this season during his spell with Oldham and he is looking forward to the game.

“I like playing Scunthorpe”, Ladapo said.

“When I was at Oldham I scored there and got man of the match in that game, so I enjoy it. They will remember me 100%, but I’ve just got to do what I’ve got to do.

“They are a good side. They are organised and they have a player that is scoring a lot of goals. I think it will just be a good game because when you play against one of the top teams I think it brings more out of you.

“You go that extra yard, you push further because you know that they are a good side and they can turn up at any time, so I think it’s going to be a very good game.”

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