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Nutrition X Partnership

6 February 2017

Sports nutrition partnership helps improve players' fitness levels

Shrewsbury Town’s partnership with sports nutrition brand Nutrition X continues to go from strength to strength.

Town’s medical and fitness staff have been working closely with Nutrition X since 2014, a move which has helped improve players’ fitness levels and recovery.

Nutrition X provide recovery, hydration and protein products for elite sports men and women with an assurance on quality and safety.

James Markey, Managing Director of Nutrition X, visited the players last week to talk about the services they offer.

“We’ve come down to spend some time with Andy Hodgen, Chris Skitt and the players”, James told ShrewsWeb

“We have been working with the club for the last couple of years and the key thing for us is building on our relationship we have in place.

“We provide a lot of support to Andy and Chris in terms of education so we will be showing the players some areas where they can access articles we write around topics like hydration and nutrition.

“The gains are becoming smaller so every 1% makes a big difference, particularly at high level sport, so if we can be of any influence to the club and help them make those small gains that’s fantastic.

“It’s good fun coming down and spending some time with the team here. It’s great to hear the response that they get in terms of the products and how it makes their days easier when trying to implement some of these strategies.”

Fitness Coach Andy Hodgen was instrumental in bringing Nutrition X to Shrewsbury Town and he is really pleased with how the relationship is working.

“James and Nutrition X offer us a great deal of support”, said Andy.

“They look after the players not only nutritionally, but also with supplementation. They are always at the other end of the phone and their constant evidence based practice is brilliant for us.

“Anything that is at the pioneering front of sports supplementation they keep us in the loop with and they offer everyone constant support.”

“When we first started using them we used the caffeine shots and then we started to push forward more products that they suggested we should use.

“This season is the first season where we are all in house with them, so not just the recovery shakes, but also the other hydration drinks, the energy gels and everything now is done through them

“They are a very good company and they offer someone with not a vast amount of money for supplementation a huge amount of backing and they want the club to do very well.”

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