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Andy Jones on Coaches Union Event

Head of Academy hoping for a good turnout at the Academy’s Coaches Union Event

31 July 2017

Shrewsbury Town Academy host our annual Coach’s Union Event on Thursday 17th August at the Montgomery Waters Meadow.

The FA accredited CPD event is aimed at improving the club’s connection with local grassroots level coaches.

Academy Coach, Andy Jones, is looking forward to networking with local coaches, he’s been telling us what we can expect.

“The idea of the event will be a little bit theory based on how we play, the philosophy, how we set training sessions up, how our sort of technical coaching program looks.

“Obviously, we’ll do a few practical’s and show the grassroots coaches the style of coaching and sort of sessions that we put on.

“Hopefully they can take a little bit of stuff away from it you know and we can take some stuff away from them as well.”

 “We just want to feel like we give that little bit back to the grassroots coaches in Shrewsbury.

“When I first took over, a year probably a year and four months ago, I think the feeling was that a lot of grassroots coaches didn’t understand enough about the Academy.

“I feel like we just need to build the relationship a little bit closer and just give them idea of what we do within the Academy. It’s about networking and developing strong relationships, that’s the thing we want to get across from it.”

The event will be led by Academy Head of Coaching Eric Ramsey, along with Academy Manager Andy Jones and Professional Development Phase Coach, Callum McKenzie. It is also set to feature FA Tutors and part time club staff.

Andy Jones thinks events like this are where Eric Ramsey come into his own having spent four years at Premier League side Swansea City and working for the FA of Wales.

“He is very good at what he does and I reckon it will be a good opportunity for people to see him work. But also for people to see you know, how a lot of our staff work and I think it’s a good insight into what we do what we deliver.

“Obviously, it’s free as well, which is always a bonus!

“Come down and see what you think! It’s a six till nine session so it is a 3-hour session, there will be a mixture of different theory and practical sessions.

“Hopefully you know if you take little bits or any sort of aspects out of it as you can”

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