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Gaffer on Young Players

Paul Hurst gives an update on first-year pros

23 May 2017

Shrewsbury Town Manager Paul Hurst expects all five of Town’s youth team graduates to sign deals in the near future.

Ryan Sears, Callum Roberts, George Hughes, Chris Gallagher and John McAtee were all offered their first professional deals this summer.

Hurst spoke to all five a couple of weeks ago and is hopeful they will all be part of his squad for the 2017/18 season.

“We’ve had contact with them”, said Paul.

“I’m not sure whether one or two might have signed their contracts with the club separately, but I expect them all to be done in the next week or so.”

Despite all of Town’s youngsters looking likely to sign, Paul admitted that he is starting to get frustrated by the increasing numbers of young players that aren’t making the most of their opportunities in the game.

“I’m getting more disillusioned and frustrated by the things that I hear from young players and agents”, Hurst said.

“It’s an opportunity. It’s not about money at this stage. It’s about and opportunity to become a professional footballer. They’ve done enough to be offered that opportunity, but then it’s up to them.

“Without putting the lads down, we haven’t got the next Messi on our hands, but they are lads that might go on and be able to have a career.

“This is not just our lads, this is across the board. Unfortunately, their heads get filled with so much rubbish and I’m sure there will be some along the way that lose opportunities because of taking bad advice.

“Sometimes clubs can take advantage of people, but I don’t want to be that person. You just want people to understand what it is they are getting the chance to do and if they don’t they need their heads banging together.”

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