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Matchday Prices Frozen

16 May 2017

Matchday ticket prices to stay the same for the 2017/18 season

Shrewsbury Town are delighted to announce that matchday ticket prices will once again be frozen for the 2017/18 season. 

Ticket prices at the Greenhous Meadow have been frozen for a number of years and at £20 for an adult ticket they remain one of the cheapest in League One. 

Meanwhile, Under-8s will continue to be free as the club look to attract the next generation of Shrewsbury Town supporters. 

Chief Executive Brian Caldwell was pleased that prices would be staying the same and admitted that is looking at other incentives to entice fans to the stadium. 

“We will be retaining the existing prices again”, announced Brian. 

“So, it will be £20 for an adult and such like. We are looking at some incentives. We are delighted with how the season tickets have gone and we are slightly above where we were last season and there’s still people buying season tickets which is good. 

“But, there’s a category of supporter who will perhaps come to 10 days a season, so don’t justify a season ticket, so we are looking at incentivising them with a scheme that perhaps would benefit them and show a bit of loyalty to them as well. 

“We’ve had initial discussions with the supporters’ parliament. I’ve proposed what I would like to do for next season, which hopefully will benefit more supporters. 

“At the end of the day it is a football club, it is a club, so we need to make sure that those supporters who can’t make every game are incentivised to come to as many games as possible.” 

The second half of the season saw a number of large crowds visit the Greenhous Meadow and Brian is hopeful those fans will return next season. 

“There is an argument that we should perhaps be putting the prices up at some point”, admitted Caldwell. 

“But, we are trying to encourage more people to come along and we are trying incentives to get young people to come to the stadium and watch Shrewsbury Town. 

“There are a lot of lapsed supporters out there. You only have to look at the Southend game and we had 6,000 of our home fans there, which shows the potential. 

“We just need to get those 6,000 home fans every week, along with the away support, and we would get the benefits. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out what extra income that would provide the football club with, which we would then pass onto Paul. 

“It’s not just the ticket sales. Hopefully they are spending money on the catering as well, so there is a knock-on effect of that and it’s a win-win if we can get people here.”

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