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Safe Standing Tickets Available Per Game

23 April 2018

Tickets to be available in the Safe Standing area on a match by match basis

Shrewsbury Town and the Supporters Parliament are pleased to announce that the Safe Standing area will not only be open to season ticket holders but also on a match by match basis for all fans.

The Safe Standing area in the Salop Leisure stand will open to everyone, as tickets will be able to be purchased by fans on match day as well as season ticket sales. Season ticket sales have seen a good take up in the area, but it looks like there will be tickets available for fans to also pay on the day

Mike Davies, spokesman for the Supports Parliament is pleased that the Safe Standing area will be open to all fans, he said: “This was one of the main things we wanted that this wouldn’t just be open to just season ticket holders. If season tickets don’t sell out, fans will be able to pay on the day.

“We are following the Celtic model, which was season ticket holders only but Brian, myself and Roger have been working really hard with the Safety Advisory Group to get them to OK that any remaining seats can be sold on a match by match basis and it’s brilliant news.

“As of next season, you will be able to come along, as long as there are standing places available, and you’ll will be able to come on a match by match day basis.

“It’s a massive thing, it’s something myself, Brian and Roger discussed from the first meeting we had. It’s something we put on the table and maybe that’s why it’s taken a little bit longer to be ok’d because we wanted to change the Celtic model slightly, but I think that will benefit the club and fans massively.”

Overall season tickets sales have surpassed the 3200 mark already and season tickets can still be purchased in the safe standing area for next season to guarantee your seat for every game doing the 2018/19 season.

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