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Gaffer Gives Insight Into Agents Role

19 January 2018

The transfer window is open and Town are being linked with many players, but many aren't targets

Shrewsbury Town boss Paul Hurst admits that he is getting frustrated by the role agents are playing during the transfer window.

Town have been linked with a number of players in January that Hurst has admitted he has no interest in and he believes they are making it more difficult to bring players to the club. 

“Agents are doing a great job linking players with our football club that I have no interest in whatsoever”, said Paul.

“I don’t know whether agents are trying to get their players to come to us or whether they are trying to up a fee or a wage for their player if a team is interest. All I can say to our fans is don’t believe everything that you are reading and hearing.” 

Paul believes that agents do have a role to play in football, but is worried by the conduct of some he had come in contact with.

“I think whether we like it or not they are here to stay and they are part of the game, admitted Hurst. 

“The problem you get is that there are quite a lot that are a little bit dishonest and don’t go about their business in a professional manner. I think sometimes players aren’t quite aware of what’s going on in the background or how they are being represented. 

“I think if you speak to most Managers and Chief Execs they would say that there are some that are good and are good people, but unfortunately there are a high percentage that aren’t so good and perhaps want a fortune for taking one phone call.” 

Traditionally, managers would meet players prior to them signing, but that isn’t always possible now, so Hurst puts a big emphasis on background research.

“On some occasions that’s not how things always pan out but you would always like the opportunity to speak to players”, said Paul.

“I’d be extremely naïve to think that people under contract don’t get spoken to when they shouldn’t, but I would like to do things the right way. Sometimes events just don’t take place as you would like to in an ideal world, in terms of getting the player in front of you.

“All we can do is try and do as much research as we can and then when that player arrives we give them advice and help him be part of it and hopefully guide him about the right way to conduct himself etc.”

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