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Paul Hurst on Dean Henderson

27 January 2018

Shrewsbury Town boss Paul Hurst has spoken for the first time since Dean Henderson’s three match ban.

Henderson has been banned after being charged with improper conduct during Town’s game against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park earlier this month.

The club found out late last week that Henderson wouldn’t be available for Saturday’s game against Portsmouth and following the conclusion of that match Hurst spoke to the Press about the situation.

“A charge was brought against him to do with him throwing something back towards the crowd at Blackburn when he was pelted”, said Paul.

“I really hope that action is taken against that football club because if that doesn’t happen (objects thrown at Dean), Dean isn’t going to do anything. We had Toto hit with a coin when he was down first-half and Dean was hit with a coin.

“This isn’t me trying to defend Dean, you can’t throw an object, but I think you can tell from the way he threw it, he flicked it, that he didn’t want to hurt anyone because otherwise he would have thrown it in a different manner.

“We asked for the reasons to decide whether we can appeal and we don’t get them until Monday. It makes the whole situation a difficult one to contend with because how can you appeal something if you haven’t got the exact reasons why someone’s found guilty?

“Thankfully we had our second choice ‘keeper fit because again the time that we found out would have made it very difficult to have brought another ‘keeper in, so I’m not overly happy with the whole situation and I don’t think us as a football club are, but you have to get on with things.”

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