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Ticketmaster Data Breach

29 June 2018

We have had an update from Ticketmaster following their data breach

Shrewsbury Town can confirm Ticketmaster’s data breach would not have affected any Town supporters who have bought match tickets through the E-Ticketing system.

Ticketmaster suffered a major data base breach, which saw thousands of people affected but the incident hadn’t affected the Town E-ticketing site.

CEO Brian Caldwell spoke with Ticketmaster to outlay his concerns but they confirmed that Town fans would not have been affected. He said: “We spoke to Ticketmaster about this because there were concerns.

“Someone flagged up that potentially some of our supporters data had been breached but having spoke to Ticketmaster this morning they reiterated that the issue was with the site was affected.

“None of our Shrewsbury Town E-Ticket site details or data has been breached. Anybody who had bought concert tickets for wherever in the country and used Ticketmaster could potentially be concerned about that.

“I’ve been assured today that all of the football sites and all the E-Ticketing sites data has not been breached. It has been done through the website which is totally separate from our football side of things.”

For full details of the TicketMaster data breach you can read the full info at

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