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Brian Caldwell On John Askey

12 November 2018

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Brian Caldwell On John Askey

12 November 2018

Brian Caldwell speaks to Shrewsweb about the departure of John Askey

Shrewsbury Town can confirm the club have parted company with manager John Askey. Assistant manager, John Filan and first team coach George Pilkington have also left the club. 

Shrewsweb spoke to CEO Brian Caldwell, who admits it was a tough call to make. 

"It's always a difficult decision when you have to part ways with the manager. This is a guy with a family and has worked really hard to get success for the football club. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out. 

"Obviously with John, John and George, we're very grateful for what they have done and the work they've put in over the last number of months. Just unfortunately it is not worked out the way everyone thought it would be."

Brian spoke about how inconsistency in performances was a factor in the decision that was made. 

"I think that's concerned us as well. We managed to have a great performance against Barnsley and then we go to Oxford and not do so well.

"Even Wimbledon first half I thought we were poor first half, second half we were decent. I think Sunday's performance wasn't great either if we're all honest about it. 

"We know the players can do it because they've shown it against Barnsley that they can do it. 

"We've had to make that decision today to try and improve things and to try and get us back on track. 

"I think we just now need to take stock of where we are at. We've given quite a lot of time to get the consistency which hasn't materialised in my opinion." 

 Brian believes despite the recent form and decision the club is still capable of climbing the table if the right appointment is made. 

"Yes there's no doubt we've got the players here. The squad have shown they can play to a high level. We're looking for someone to come in and hopefully, we can get the consistency that we've all craved for in previous games this season. 

"The table is still very tight. Obviously, the win at Wimbledon was a good win and got us away from it which created a bit more of a gap between the bottom ones. But at the end of the day, you win or lose two games in this league your fortunes can change quite dramatically." 

"A lot of people remember last season where we had a phenomenal season, which was a hard act to follow. But you've got to just look at that in balance as well and we're just looking for the team to play consistently well. 

"Some of the things I've seen on social media has been horrible for John to see and I'm sure his family have pointed out to him as well. It's not nice for a guy who's trying his best for a football club. It's not through lack of effort It's just unfortunately sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. 

"He had a good track record in the previous year taking Macclesfield out of the conference with the lowest budget in the league and seemed a really good fit for the club but unfortunately it hasn't worked out." 

Danny Coyne will take charge of Town's game against crew on Tuesday night. 

"We spoke to him today and asked him to take charge in the meantime until we can get somebody in. Danny is very loyal to the club and will take control. Hopefully, Eric Ramsay, our Academy Manager can help as well so there's lots of support there to help Danny get through the next couple of games. 

"We want to appoint as quickly as possible, but sometimes in life, you've got to take stock of things and make sure you get the right person because it's really important. 

"We took our time getting Paul in the previous manager and took some abuse because we took so long to get him in but that seemed to be a good appointment. With John we acted quickly and got lots of plaudits and it probably hasn't worked out as well. 

"At the end of the day, you're always looking for someone to galvanise the team because we've got every faith in the playing side. We've spent a lot of money this season with £600,000 worth of transfer fees as well. 

"It's important someone comes in and feels they can take the club forward which is what we all want at the end of the day. 

"We need everyone to pull together at this time. it's a difficult time obviously everyone wants the best for Shrewsbury Town including myself and the Chairman." 

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