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STITC - Powerchair Football

21 September 2018

Powerchair Football – Meet Duncan

Powerchair Football is a session that is offered by staff at Shrewsbury Town in the Community, which can prove that anything is possible and dreams to play football can always be achieved. The session supports and develops footballers in power chairs from basic movements to ball skills to gameplay.

Powerchair users can attend these sessions every Monday at Shrewsbury Sports Village, where coaches will involve participants in a range of activities, including movement and control courses, football skill challenges and more.

Duncan Cook is currently one of the powerchair participants and has been attending the sessions for nearly two years. Alongside suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Duncan is restricted to having to use a powerchair for movement. The sessions have developed Duncan’s movement within his powerchair, which has seen him benefit not just within the sport, but also in everyday life.

Speaking of Duncan’s involvement in the powerchair sessions, his Mum Jobina Cook said,

“We found out about the Shrewsability sessions through the Shrewsbury Town in the Community website and started coming about 2 years ago, as we were looking to something for Duncan to do outside of school time because there is nearly nothing being offered around Shropshire for him to participate in being a powerchair user.

“Duncan has found the Shrewsbury Town sessions more beneficial than most people would imagine. He’s been able to improve his driving of the powerchair, which is important as he used to crash into walls, cars and other people whilst he was out. Because Duncan has Cerebral Palsy he can’t always control his arms, which makes steering more difficult for him, especially if he becomes panicked or excited.

“Since he’s been coming to the sessions he’s meet more wheelchair and powerchair users, he’s seen others with Cerebral Palsy and most importantly it gets him out of the house to get to activities that otherwise he wouldn’t be able to be involved in.

“I’d recommend these sessions to anyone as they get people out and enjoying activities and sports that can easily be accessed by able-bodied children, but by having a disability these aren’t as easy to do. I’m really pleased this group exists as it gives Duncan an avenue to take part in an activity and to socialise, which he otherwise might not have.”

You can find out more about our Shrewsability sessions here

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