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Aaron Pierre pre Burton Albion

23 August 2019

Town’s Aaron Pierre talks to us about Tuesday evening’s scenes and how he’s preparing to return home on Saturday against Burton.

With a whirlwind of emotions from Tuesday night, Pierre tells us about the game from his point of view. “It was crazy. We played good football. I think we passed it a lot better than the last few games that we’ve played. We created a load more chances. We still need to take them chances early on so then we would’ve killed the game. It was a massive set back when the penalty, which was clearly not a penalty, was given. Their second goal was in a very short period, so then as a group, we had to get together and make sure we did things properly and get back to basics. Luckily, we got the own goal and then from there we just carried on putting pressure on them. Then, fortunately, Fey score the equaliser and then everything was just crazy. We got the winning goal in the last couple of minutes of the game. In any situation and when you get the last winning goal from being 2-0 down, it’s just crazy. The atmosphere was mad, and the fans were great. You see them in the videos going crazy and that’s just how we were feeling on the pitch.”

Town couldn’t get another clean sheet on Tuesday, Pierre tells us; “It’s frustrating seeing every game and to get a clean sheet, but that wasn’t to be on Tuesday. We still had the mentality and belief that we can still get back into the game with the chances we were creating, especially in the second half. We had to keep believing and keep doing the basics and make sure we secure the back and the two incidents that happened. Fortunately, we did, and we got back into the game quite quickly and the dramatic finish was quite epic.”

Pierre is playing with a whole new back line of defence and centre-half partnerships. “We’ve all got a good understanding of each other so early on. It can only get better. We’re all big solid guys and we’re fairly quick as well so that’s always a bonus to cover each other. The communication is good so it can only get better.”

After being two down, with thirteen minutes remaining, Pierre tells us about the team spirit and character. “The fact we came back to score three goals, that’s a bonus because I think the last few games, we’ve played we’ve been slim with chances. The fact we created three-plus attempts on goal on Tuesday, brings us confidence that we can go home on Saturday and produce the same kind of things and keep a clean sheet. The football we were playing in that period was good and we were moving forward a lot more.”

Pierre talks about facing Burton at home on Saturday. “It’s kind of a derby with it being the closest team in the league. I know one of my old teammates John-Joe O’Toole and I know his character. I know they’re going be very aggressive, forward-thinking and putting a lot of pressure on us and close us down which any team would do that comes to us, that’s the basic expectations. We just need to shut them out and make sure we do things properly and do our own thing and create our chances in the final third and be clinical enough to finish them.”

“The whole energy is good. They’re always singing and always chanting, even though at Accrington away there was a massive fan base which is always going to be appreciated by us. They pulled us through the game as much as we did it together, you can’t say anything wrong about them.” Pierre talks about Town’s superb support this season and the following for away games.


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