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Romain Vincelot pre Rochdale

16 August 2019

French midfield-maestro Romain Vincelot talks to us about Saturday’s game against Rochdale and how he’s looking forward to this season.

“It’s good to be back playing. That’s what we want as a footballer. It’s competition and that’s why I get up every morning and work hard to have some competition so it’s nice to have it.”

After coming back from injury and having moved around a few times last season, Romain is looking forward to staying put this season.

“Sometimes as footballers, you do everything you can to try and do everything right, things happen, things you can’t control. You just have to go again and that was the case last season. It was a very complicated season overall for me, moving three times with a newborn. I think it had to be like that for me so I could reset and go again. Everything happens for a reason.”

Romain said; “It was nice to get last season done and have a good start with a good foundation and good work out through pre-season. I think we have a very good group, very positive. It’s about doing the right thing in the season. It’s a very long season so we have to be consistent in everything we do.”

Romain also had his thoughts reflecting back on the previous games. “There are things you can’t always control, the deflection for example. It was a very solid performance; we’re getting better at going forward but some things take time. If we are solid defensively as a team, I think we showed it at Portsmouth and MK that we have a solid base, so if we replicate that in the season, I think we have a good chance.”

With Romain now playing just in front of the defensive line, we asked him what his thoughts were on that position. “It’s a role that suits me because I can play at the back or in midfield and I like to help the boys at the back because I know the job as well and I know what’s nice to have in front of you. I take pleasure to work hard and be solid with the boys.”

“The atmosphere is brilliant, and this is what we want all season.” Romain said about the first league game against Portsmouth. “We have to help them to create the atmosphere that will help us on the pitch so it’s always going to be alive. We really want to get back to business on Saturday because we are unhappy with the last results.”

Finally, Romain shared his thoughts about Saturday’s game against Rochdale. “It’s nice to have games coming quick and fast because we weren’t happy after MK. Really feeling that was not what we deserved but that’s football. This is where we have to be strong and go again and we know we deserve more but we just have to get it in the next game. This is the start of the season and everyone wants to do well, and everyone is fresh and has worked hard, physically. The Portsmouth game was a bit of a crazy game, physically. I think you have to be ready for that and hopefully can develop more game on the floor, but this is the beginning of the season and it’s being positive.

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