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Sam Ricketts On Town's Mind Fixture

15 February 2019

Sam Ricketts discuses the importance of mental health in the lead up to Town's Mind fixture.

Shrewsbury Town take on Burton Albion tomorrow afternoon in Town’s EFL Mind fixture.

Mind partnered up with the EFL as their Official Charity Partner to bring wider awareness of mental health issues to the football community.

Sam Ricketts feels mental health is a priority within football and should always be highlighted.

“Mental health is being more highlighted in football now,” said Town’s manager. “Things are starting to happen now with people looking after footballers.

“Hopefully that opens up to everyone in society, which is very important.

“Football mirrors society really, so if football can address a situation, try to and help and filter into the wider community – then it’s a very positive aspect.

“A football club is there to win matches, but we are the communities club and we represent the community.

“It’s really important that we identify and help to push these aspects.

“Football is great sport and we love it for the football, but it’s all encompassing and it can help touch a lot of aspects in life.

“This is another aspect that we hope football can have a positive impact on.”

Sam also feels social media can have a huge impact on his players and feels it can be a positive and a negative.

“Footballers are people as well – people forget that,” said Sam. “People think they are robots.

“They still have issues away from football, with family and other things. Whether you play here or for Real Madrid – there is still pressure and that affects people.

“Some players can deal with all the stick in the world on social media and it won’t bother them.

“With others – a couple of comments to a player really gets to them. You have to understand how you are.

“If you are someone who can’t deal with that stick on social media, it’s probably best you aren’t on it.

“Social media for the younger generation now is very important. People do think they can get away with saying anything.

“I think that will never change but people should use common sense.

“If you are of that mind-set where it can affect your performances, maybe you do need to come away from it for a while.”

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