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15 February 2019

Ticket Office Manager Martin Gaunt looks at matchday ticket rejections at the turnstiles

Ticket Office Manager Martin Gaunt has been with the club for several months now and is continually looking to improve the way we use the ticket system.

One thing that irritates supporters on matchday is if their ticket is rejected at the turnstile, Martin had been focusing on this recently and here is his first update.

“At Shrewsbury Town we are always looking to improve the Matchday Experience of our supporters. 

For this reason, we are continuously looking at the numbers of barcode rejections at the turnstiles and how we can minimise this.

Back in August we had around 500 rejections leading to some discontent amongst supporters.

We were aware of issues with Season Tickets and it was something that we tried very hard to rectify quickly.

That figure was reduced to 250 in Sept, 142 in Oct, 112 in Dec up until our last home game v Luton where we saw 84 barcode rejections across the whole stadium. (Attendance 6,800).

84 may still sound to some like a lot, however if you take a bit of time to analyse the detail it makes for interesting reading:-

Of those 84 rejections, 44 were duplicate attempts, meaning they were scanned twice or were attempted to be used a second time either by leaving the ground and not getting scanned out and the ticket then being used again. 

Of the remaining 40: -

15 tried to enter the stadium with the incorrect Season Ticket (the majority being last season's ST having had one reissued at the start of this season)

15 attempted to enter using the wrong gate/turnstile so weren't granted access

3 used a FanCard having had a physical ticket printed

3 others had moved season ticket seats so were provided with a physical ticket but used the season ticket to try and enter

and we even had 1 supporter who attempted to use a Wolves Ticket.

It goes to show that things are moving to a place where we can fairly confidently say that if you try to gain entry to the ground by the correct means you will get in, therefore improving the Matchday Experience for all.”

If you have any questions or queries about the information in this article or any other ticket questions Martin can be reached at

We are always striving to improve the ticketing system to ensure that it works as it should to improve the match day experience

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