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Ro-Shaun Williams

13 May 2019

In the Walsall matchday programme we spoke to Ro-Shaun about his career so far and the move to Town

Ro-Shaun Williams caught up with TownTalk to discuss his football upbringing and time with Shrewsbury Town so far.

How did your move to Manchester United come about?

I joined United when I was around six or seven. I was playing for my Local team Fletch Moss. A lot of players historically came from there to join United. I was one of them who made it.

When you are younger all you want to do is play football. I probably didn’t realise what type of club I was going to – I just wanted to enjoy playing football. That happened and then it sunk in that I was playing for Man U when I got older and learnt more history about the club.

What was your first day like?

I remember a few lads from my old club started on the same day and we trained at the Cliff – a historic training ground. We all just went there and played a lot of five-a-side.

We even used to do tournaments and parents would be bored wanting to go home or back to work! We all loved it when we were that age.

What was your development like going through all the Untied age groups?

Yeah, it was great to be honest going up through the age groups – 18’s, 19’s and 21’s. It was with a lot of my friends as well, some who are still there and some who are playing in the Premier League and even in Spain.

It was good and I met a lot of good players. I got a lot of football experience and international experience. It’s crazy to see players that you have played against playing at such high levels.

I suppose it was a tough decision to leave United?

It was a big decision but I felt the time was right, as I hadn’t played men’s football. I was getting to that age where I should be really. Injuries have probably halted that but when the opportunity came to shine for Shrewsbury Town I thought regardless of the level it is I believe in my self and my ability to push on.

This was a big opportunity for me to get going really. You have to earn your stripes in football. I had quite a good name in under-18’s football but that means nothing really. You have to earn your stripes in men’s football – that’s where you get recognition as a real footballer.

That’s how the move came about. I spoke to my agent, had a conversation with my parents and felt it was the right time to move on.

You seem to have settled in really well at Town?

 Yeah I have settled in really well, thanks. The manager is good and he knows what he wants, he’s got good plans. The boys have been great, people like: Tyrese who is the same age and even the older boys like Sads and Dave Edwards. Josh and Fey are really good guys too.

How have you found playing regular intense men’s football?

I knew I was ready for it regardless of how it felt at first. I knew I was ready for it and like I said I trust myself and believe in my self. Obviously in the mind I knew I could get through it but physically it has been a nit used to playing this amount of games but I have coped and played every minute – I’m very happy.

You had a pre-season with United but didn’t get into the first-team. I’m sure you are looking forward to that experience with your new team?

It should be good and the manager will implement his ideas. Some time away with the boys will be great for getting to know everyone even better. It should be good.

My goals for the next season are the same as this one. I have come in and played 90-minutes every game and I want to do that again. I want to be a part of a promotion push. I am ambitious and I know the manager is. We want to have a much better season than what we have this year.


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