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Salop For All Female Representative - Helen Hall

9 December 2021

Salop For All Female Representative, Helen Hall sits down with Salop to explain her ambition of encouraging women to attend football matches and what she and the club plan to do to make Football a more welcoming environment for all.

A recently established initiative, Salop For All works across the board to ensure all members of the Salopian family feel welcome at Montgomery Waters Meadow during fixtures and events.

With members of Town's fanbase across all communities representing our club, proactive work continues to go on behind the scenes and in the public eye to ensure our club is a welcoming environment for any person wishing to watch fixtures in SY2.

Our female representative Helen Hall sat down with Salop to discuss the ongoing work within the club and with Her Game Too to encourage more female attendees to witness the sport we all love and cherish.

"I feel really privileged to have been asked to join Salop for All as the female representative. With existing supporters, I'd like to think that they know they've got a direct link to approach with things particularly female related. I'd also like to encourage female supporters to attend the Supporter's Parliament meetings because we have good debates and it would be interesting to have more female voices.

"Perhaps people who don't feel comfortable going to games can contact me and I can go some way to get people together so they're able to do that. We want to start an initiative whereby we have some leaflets printed to send out with the ambition of encouraging females to come and see what it's like on a match day. It could be the WI, they like to take on social aspects. Hopefully by publicising what we're doing, people will know that this support is there.

"I want everyone to feel comfortable coming to football matches. I don't like the word safe because I've never felt unsafe at a football match. I want people to feel comfortable coming here. The game is for everyone and everyone should feel comfortable. In the spring, we'll hopefully have a match here dedicated to the Her Game Too campaign.

"Myself, I come along with my sister now and you get to meet people that you would never meet during your ordinary working life. People come from all backgrounds but the common denominator is football - that is great. I'd love people to feel comfortable and enjoy the football like I do."


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