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Club News

Supporters Parliament meeting minutes

27 July 2021

Club News

Supporters Parliament meeting minutes

27 July 2021

Supporters Parliament meeting held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021.


Roger Groves (SP Joint Chair, Supporter Liaison Officer & Super Blues); Mike Davis (Supporter Liaison Officer); Helen Hall (SP); Brian Caldwell (CEO); Lawrence Ellerby (Safety Officer); Jayne Pullinger (Head of Safeguarding); Rachael Dilloway; Rob Lewis (OSC & SP Social Media); Glyn Price (Blue and Amber Fanzine & Away Supporters FC);


  1. Apologies

Chris Wynne; Paul Delves (STFC Director); Martin Gaunt (Ticket Office Manager); Jamie Edwards (STiTC); Andy Garden (Proud Salopian); Marion Lane; Malcolm Lane; Jill Lucas; Chris Chambers; Chris Allen; Ray Allen; Janet Bould; Daz Davies; Geoff Davies; Nick Gurden; Barry Hawkins; Jill Lucas; James Nightingale; Rebecca Nightingale; Lynn Price; Stewart Price; Paul Chidley; Barry Hawkins; Selwyn Plant; Colin Storey; Richard Vernon; Charles Crosland; David Allsopp; Paul Coyne (Away Supporters FC); Barry Davies; Brian Jones; Ian Jones(1); Ian Jones(2); Ian Payne; Shaun Peever; Paul Buckley; Lee Vaughan.


  1. The current season ticket pricing structure and how sales are going

Brian Caldwell (CEO) explained to the supporters present on the virtual call that Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s ticket sales by the Early Bird offer cutoff date was approximately 2850, which is a slight increase compared to sales during previous non-covid times. He expressed his delight with the response from supporters as we all wait for the return of football matches with supporters in the stands on regular basis once more.

The Club has received criticism from some supporters regarding the pricing structure for the 2021/22 season. Brian believes that the club is trapped within a “no-win scenario” as they prepare for the upcoming 2020/21 season. The EFL’s 2020/21 salary cap of £2.5 million per club in Sky Bet League One had been taken to the court of arbitration where the EFL lost their case for the continuation of the cap for future seasons. As a result, EFL clubs have now reverted to a Salary Cap Management Protocol (SCMP), which allows all EFL clubs to use an estimated 60% of their individual financial turnover to invest into paying for player’s contracts. Some of this income in previous seasons, where an SCMP was in place, included payments from players sold by Shrewsbury Town Football Club (examples used - Toto Nsiala, Jon Nolan, Ryan Woods and Conner Goldson for example) have all been paid in full as the club prepares for the 2021/22 season, reducing STFC’s income on the back of trying to recover from the Covid-pandemic.

After the conclusion of the 2020/21 season, the club looked into how they could compensate supporters for not receiving value for their money for their previous season ticket, taking into account the four matches where 1000 or 2000 season ticket holders could attend during the EFL Covid trials, along with the iFollow passes provided. Brian explained that if the club offered supporters a discount on the renewal price of their new ticket, this would seriously reduce the player budget available to allow Steve Cotterill to build the most competitive squad he can during the transfer window. This led Brian and his team to investigate multiple scenarios within the rules of SCMP and following consultation and negotiations with the club’s match-day catering partners, proposed a free drink for every supporter as a gesture from Shrewsbury Town Football Club to every season ticket holder who spent £270 or more in 2020/21 at all home Sky Bet League One games during the upcoming season with the anticipation of some negative feedback from supporters. This was seen as the simplest and fairest option available for the club as they thank them for their support during the pandemic with many supporters refusing a refund of their 2020/21 season ticket.

Brian explained a breakdown example of the 2020/21 season ticket;

  • If supporters attended 4 home games (£80.00 based on a match-day Adult Ticket)
  • 19 iFollow passes for rest of the season £190.00

The above total represents a potential £270.00 worth of football received by supporters during the season. Brian did acknowledge that the main issue with this example is with regards to families where all season tickets holders living in the same residence each received an iFollow code. This potentially meant that they didn’t receive the best value based on the above example and it is his, and the club’s, hope that a free drink at every Sky Bet League One home game as a gesture of appreciation would be acceptable.

Brian hopes that season ticket holders will only see 2020/21 season as the only season in recent memory where they have not had value for money from the purchase of their season ticket following Shrewsbury Town Football Club.


Roger opened the Zoom conference to question on the subject of season tickets;

  • A supporter expressed their concern, following the announcement of the 2021/22 season ticket, where they currently struggle on a busy matchday to purchase a pint in the concourse and feel that with the introduction of this new generous scheme could see them experiencing long delays in service & wished to know Brian’s opinion on a match-by-match basis?

Brian explained that he believes that the acquisition of the free drink will be quicker as the concourse staff will not have to handle cash/provide change, or process a card transaction which will increase the speed of service. Brian did add that this will have to be examined on a match-by-match basis and altered accordingly.

  • A supporter wished to know if pints of real ale will be included in the free drink from the club? Acknowledging that some supporters who would be driving, or do not drink, an alcoholic beverage on a matchday feel they would lose out financially as a result.

    Brian explained that the free drink was never meant purely as a free alcoholic one, but would be available for any drink (tea, coffee, soft drink, etc.) & added that he was planning to have discussions with caterers to see if the sale of selected food products could also be included with the voucher scheme thus offering something of value back to supporters. The redeemed vouchers used at the concourse by supporters would be charged to Shrewsbury Town Football Club by the caterers ensuring that the club is not being charged for a service/product which they have not used.

  • A supporter commented that rather than the club offering a reduction 2021/22 season ticket price to compensate for the 2020/21 season, the Football Club would be in a better position to provide Manager Steve Cotterill with the best playing budget as possible under the 60% revenue formula.

    Brian agreed with the supporters comments and expressed the view that if Shrewsbury Town Football Club had refunded, or compensated, supporters with a discounted 2021/22 season ticket, this would have affected the players budget and could easily have resulted in the reduction of a potential squad by at least one player.
    The supporter responded by expressing their appreciation for the difficult “damned if you do & damned if you don’t” position that the Football Club finds itself in & praised Brian and the club for their efforts.

  • A supporter asked about what other forms of potential new income are Shrewsbury Town Football Club looking for to boost the clubs’ finances as they like all other football clubs try to recover from the pandemic?

    Brian explained that Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s finances were hit like all others in the EFL and beyond. He also explained that in his opinion, the Club has one of the best financial statuses coming out of the pandemic with the hopeful reintroduction of supporters into stadia around the country driving in much-needed revenue. Brian also expressed his belief that all football clubs should be much more financially sustainable going forward post-Covid, providing the example of Shrewsbury Town’s hosting of conferences and events at the Montgomery Waters Meadow. This income stream normally being a 365-days of the year income which was been completely wiped out during pandemics & subsequent lockdowns as football match tickets sales, matchday catering, sponsorships and programme sales only produce 40-50% of the club’s total income, so the conference and hospitality side of the club’s business is very important. Recent events such the recent open-air car park show which was successful and generated some financial revenue for the Football Club. Brian explained that he would love to host a Christmas drive-in movie if there was enough interest to make it financially viable.

  • A supporter asked Brian about the season ticket sales being behind normal or average sales compared to pre-pandemic?
    Brian explained to the supporter that he was pleased with the 2850 tickets sold during the Football Clubs’ Early Bird sales, given the challenges of trying to sell season tickets during a pandemic, with only the hope of supporters returning to the Montgomery Waters Meadow for the start of the season in August. Brian does believe that some supporters are possibly hesitant about returning to stadia with large crowds forming until more people have received their second dose of a vaccine. Brian also fears that some supporters may have found other activities during lockdowns to do on a Saturday afternoon rather than attending a match & the task is to try to inspire these fans to return to the Meadow and support Shrewsbury Town Football Club once more.

  • A supporter asked Brian if there could be a box or a way for supporters who do not wish to use their free drink voucher to demonstrate their support to the football club and in affect, donating the money back to the Football Club?

    Brian explained that this is certainly something to look into and devise a way of contacting season ticket holders in advance to see if they wished to abstain from claiming their free drink as this would save Shrewsbury Town some printing costs which would help the clubs finances. He admitted that the idea had not occurred to him after the outstanding display of support from the end of the 2020/21 when so many people were keen to donate their remaining five games on their season tickets to the club. He was unsure whether supporters would be willing once more to donate their money back to the club by giving their free drinks voucher back. He added that the club would investigate this further as if supporters choose not to receive a voucher booklet, then the Clubs printing costs would be reduced and ultimately save the club money, but if the booklets did go to print then a letterbox system could be a way for supporters to donate.

  • A supporter asked about how the SCMP for Shrewsbury Town Football Club is calculated? Year to year? Monitored and adapted throughout the season? Will this season's SCMP be similar to the previous season?

    Brian explained that there is a deadline for football clubs to submit their predicted income for the upcoming season based on the assumption of full capacity stadiums over the course of the season along with additional expected revenue from other areas of the Football Club such as hospitality across the season. This is checked in December to ensure that a club is somewhere near their prediction of income to spend. Clubs who are seen to be now receiving their predicted revenue and are overspending on player wages risk a possibility of a transfer embargo for the upcoming January transfer window for breaching the 60% spending cap. Brian explained that there is talk of the possibility of these being checked more frequently such as monthly, or bimonthly, to ensure that the EFL does not have a situation such as what happened to Bury FC.
    Brian explained that Shrewsbury Town Football Club financially is in a good place with similar levels to previous seasons and that the 2850 season tickets demonstrate that the club has additional funds in their accounts before the start of the season. He also hopes that the season ticket numbers will increase as the 2021/22 season kick-off approaches which will help bolster the club's finances before then taking into account matchday ticket sales.

  1. An outline of plans for the return of supporters for next season

Roger expressed his hope and enthusiasm as we all look to seeing supporters return to Montgomery Waters Meadow Stadium to watch the games and cheer the players and manager to victory. This, he explained, is very important as we all look to inspire as many of our fellow Salopian supporters to come back to watch games if we are allowed to depending on any future Covid measures for public safety.

As a Supporter Liaison Officer with Mike Davis, Roger explained how privileged he felt about seeing everything which was involved on getting a match on during a Covid trail working with Lawrence Ellerby (Safety Officer) at Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

Lawrence Ellerby wished to thank everyone at the Supporters Parliament virtual meeting for being in attendance as he has not seen many of the supporters present since the End of Season Awards night & wished to thank everyone for the SP Family Award he received.

The Sky Bet League One game against Northampton Town 19th September 2020 saw Shrewsbury Town become one of eight clubs chosen to be part of a trail football trail allowing up to 1000 fans back into the ground to watch a game using social distancing guidelines provided by the FA and UK Government. Lawrence explained that the Football Club had a created multiple plans for match-days ranging from: no supporters in the ground, to several thousand being present for a game. The club then received an email offering them the chance to take part in the trail at very short notice to implement their plans in full cooperation with local SAG & other local authorities.
The Safety Advisory Group (SGA) & Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) on the matchday gave Shrewsbury Town Football Club very positive feedback on making the stadium safe: from planning procedures; to physically making sure the stadium was ready to welcome supporters back safely with hand sanitization stations available and clear markings for supporters to follow to keep everyone safe. The fact that Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s event was the only game given permission to serve alcohol as part of the trial, receiving positive feedback not only for the Club but also for the supporters who were in attendance.
(Stadium Covid walkthrough to refresh your minds )

Lawrence continued, after receiving glowing reports from the matches where Shrewsbury Town were allowed to let supporters in as part of the trial and future plans to expand the trial, Covid struck the club and the rest of the season was played behind closed doors as at the start of the season.

Now, the club are looking forward to the hopeful return of fans back to the stadium for the 2021/22 season depending on how the fixtures dictate and are currently keeping track of current pilots around the UK in multiple sporting venues from Cricket, to Wimbledon and football at Wembley for the Euro 2020 competition for the Semi-Finals and Final at the home of English football.
Lawrence is waiting for guidance from the powers that be at the FA and UK Government to determine what plans are required for the return of supporters to the Montgomery Waters Meadow for the start of the season on 7th August 2021. Fully or limited capacity? PCR/Lateral Flow Tests? Double jabbed with evidence on the NHS app? As a result, Lawrence is hoping for a normal crowd with few restrictions for the start of the new campaign.
Brian added that with the Euro 2020 semifinals and final looking at a 75%+ crowd to be in attendance and the outstanding hard work by Lawrence with both of the clubs SLO’s during the four trial games at the end of 2020, he feels that Shrewsbury Town should be in a good place to press the EFL and authorities to ensure that the Montgomery Waters Meadow is able to accept a decent number of supporters for matches and not a staggered approach to reintroducing fans into grounds but Wembley trials are VITAL for every ground in the country to getting supporters back.


  • Rob Lewis (OSC & SP Social Media) asked on behalf of the OSC with the Away Travel Club in mind too. Depending on the UK Government’s pandemic recovery and opposition football club’s opinions on accepting away supporters into their grounds. Is there any information to allow our travel groups and away supporters in general to plan?

Brian said that it is very difficult at this time to predict the future, for some clubs, are always keen to welcome away supporters into their grounds, such as Accrington Stanley. It is a tricky subject, he added, the average attendance of the Meadow was 6k with an average of 700 away supporters, so if you accept that level of away following then it has the potential to reduce the possibility of trying to increase the home following, but everything depends purely on the pandemic and EFL & UK Government advice and the Football Club will remain in contact with both of the away travel groups.
Roger added the SLO’s will keep in communication with other football clubs to get their view on welcoming away supporters and will update when they have any information.


  • A supporter asked if Shrewsbury Town Football Club will have any pre-season games at the Montgomery Waters Meadow as none have been announced and if so, will supporters be allowed to be in attendance?

Brian responded that at the time of the meeting, he couldn’t announce anything there and then, but the Club’s media team were in attendance of the SP meeting and will announce some of the pre-season fixtures towards the end of the week of the meeting. Brian explained that he would love to see fans back in the stands watching the games, but at that time of the meeting, he could not give any further information.


  • A supporter raised the UK Government’s policy that on 19th July 2021, all Covid restrictions will be lifted. Under what law can SAG/SGSA limit the number of supporters into stadia and for what reason?

Brian explained that this subject was raised at a recent Sky Bet League One meeting before the original Covid restrictions lifting date in June 2021. One member of this meeting had been in contact with the UK Governments Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and they were told that the DCMS were looking to a phased return for supporters to stadia. This didn’t go down well, according to Brian, with many clubs questioning how all restrictions would be lifted in England but football stadiums would still have restrictions imposed on them. This goes against everything which Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said in interviews, wanting a “full house” at Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 Final and increased capacities before then in the Semi-Finals.
The UK Government has a lot of pressure from the EFL to allow supporters back into stadiums after seeing supporters back in the stands across Europe and Wembley during the competition and inspire fans to return (“apart from if you are Scottish like me, then you just want to forget about the Euros right now”).


  1. An introduction from Jayne Pullinger on her role as Head of Safeguarding

Jayne Pullinger introduced herself to the SP Meeting as the Head of Safeguarding at Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Shrewsbury Town Academy and Shrewsbury Town in the Community.

Jayne explained that she joined the club in January 2020 just before the Covid pandemic hit the UK with previous experience as a retired West Midlands Police Officer who specialised in Child & Adult Protection. After arriving in her new role at the Football Club, Jayne explained how she examined the safeguarding standards that were in place at Shrewsbury Town & was reassured that the Club was compliant with all the legislation. The first task was to bring the various departments within the Football Club together to create a Safe Guarding Board to discuss and find solutions to any possible areas of vulnerability in the system currently used at the club & to be as transparent as possible. For recruitment, all applications working in any area of the club who work with children and vulnerable people have DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service information here About us - Disclosure and Barring Service - GOV.UK) and reference checks.
All policies and procedures to protect children and vulnerable people at the Club have been updated.

The amount of training for members of staff dealing with children and vulnerable people has increased to include, for example, child exploitation & online safety as it is really important that the staff know what they have to do when children and a vulnerable person comes to them with a potential issue & be in a position to deal with such a concern.
Jaynes mission is to reassure all the children who come into the club's academy and their families that Shrewsbury Town Academy and at Shrewsbury Town in the Community that these institutions are a safe place for them to go and that they will be looked after, as well as the scholars who are living away from home and insuring their well fair needs, are met.

Jayne looked into matchday Safe Guarding with Lawrence Ellerby (Safety Officer) observing what measures are in place on a matchday in operation across the stadium and family stand in particular as well as the training received by the stewards.

Equality and Inclusion are very important moving forward with both Roger Groves (SP Joint Chair, Supporter Liaison Officer & Super Blues); Helen Hall (SP) & Mike Davis (Supporter Liaison Officer) working with Andy Garden (Proud Salopian) to ensure that everyone is represented at Shrewsbury Town Football Club with a new working group being set up to deliver inclusion and positive change for all. We are unfortunately missing a representative of supporters from an ethnic minority, which is something we are working towards changing as soon as possible.
Shrewsbury Town Football Clubs Equality Policy can be found here


The Shrewsbury Town Football Club website has been updated with more information on the new Safe Guarding policies and contact details



  1. O.B.
  • A supporter asked if there was an update on Steve Cotterill’s recovery?

Brian explained that Steve is doing well, but is not 100% yet. He has been continuing his recovery at the gym and has been going on walks most days of the week as he tries to rebuild himself back to full fitness. His lungs seem better to Brian as he is on the phone chatting to him for hours every day and he’s upbeat and excited for the start of the upcoming season. When Brian has spoken to him over the previous 6-7+ months, he realised how bad his situation was during his Covid crisis and it is Steve’s strength of character and mental strength which is inspiring as he pushes to get back to full fitness, to say nothing of his determination during the 2020/21 season to talk to the players via a phone from his hospital bed pre-match, half-time and after the final whistle. His determination to continue working on set plays and training on non-matchdays too is truly a testament to his character and willpower to recover.

He is a battler!

Roger asked Brian to pass on the best wishes from the entire fanbase of Shrewsbury Town Football Club & the hope that in the future he will be able to sit down and have a chat with the fanbase at the Montgomery Waters Meadow.


  • Rob Lewis (OSC & SP Social Media) echoed Roger’s comments wishing a speedy recovery to Manager Steve Cotterill.
    Rob explained that several committee members of the OSC (Shrewsbury Town Official Supporters Club) are stepping down for personal reasons and the organization is looking for supporters who would be interested in being involved.
    Rob explained that multiple positions are available for both committee members and fans who just would be interested in helping the OSC. Previously, the OSC has raised funds the Football Club itself including sponsorship of players and equipment for the physiotherapy department to making charitable donations and supporting supporter lead fundraising programs such as Safe Standing.

Rob wished to put on the record that he would like to thank every committee member who is standing down for their dedication and service.

Any supporter is interested helping the OSC to contact via their social media feeds; Facebook
or emailing


Roger Groves (SP Joint Chair, Supporter Liaison Officer & Super Blues) offered any help promoting the OSC’s committee recruitment.

Glyn Price (Blue and Amber Fanzine & Away Supporters FC) explained that the OSC has helped to promote both the Blue and Amber Fanzine and SalopCast on social media and was more than happy to offer assistance in promoting the OSC recruitment as he sees the OSC as a great financial supporter of Shrewsbury Town Football Club which is what we need going forward.

  • A supporter asked what the future of the iFollow service is going forward with the hopeful return of supporters to live football?
    Brian’s belief is that iFollow will remain in some format in the UK and ideally, he would like to see supporters back in the stadiums. However, if a supporter lives somewhere else in the country & is a season ticket holder, but is unable to travel for whatever reason could open up a possible reason for the service to continue in the UK. Similarly, as the UK comes out of restrictions there is still the possibility that someone may have to self-isolate for a period of time resulting in them potentially missing several matches. But he would prefer to see supporters back in the Montgomery Waters Meadow and try to grow the Clubs’ fanbase as match day revenue generate approximately 50% of the annual revenue for Shrewsbury Town Football Club, but there could be a case for the continuation of iFollow if the return of supporters to stadiums is still restricted with for example no away supporters to travel to games.
    Mike added that the EFL recently released a report about iFollow and the demographics explaining how the service had been used and included feedback from the various football clubs who were asked to contribute. The explained that the report included concerns from a large majority of the clubs asked about how the service will progress when supporters are allowed back into stadiums and how it would affect the number of supporters returning to the grounds to watch a match.
    Glyn asked for confirmation from Brian with regards to iFollow, asking if the return of the Saturday 3pm media blackout preventing live matches in the UK from being streamed with the usage of iFollow. Brian responded that within Article 48? “No games can be streamed/shown live” ( with Brian hoping that the streaming service will not be required when football clubs are allowed to return to having full crowds within stadiums.
  • Glyn mentioned the recent news that Shrewsbury Town Football Club have a new kit manufacturer in the form of Umbro, which will once more be working with the club to produce all of the clubs’ kits & training wear. On the back of this news along with previously produced popular kits designs in the past, would the Club and Umbro produce some of these retro shirts which prove popular and be a good revenue stream for the Club as previous retro shirts have seemed to be popular?
    Brian responded by saying “all things are possible” as previous retro shirts did sell out which is important revenue to the Football Club with the potential of releasing a different retro shirt each season going forward is made easier with the partnership with Umbro.
    Brian hopes that the new kits produced by Umbro will prove as popular as many of the other retro shirts have become.

  • Helen Hall (SP) asked if future Supporters Parliament meetings could on occasion be a virtual experience that would allow supporters who cannot travel for a meeting to take part?
    Roger explained that the SP were keen to get back to regular meetings at the Montgomery Waters Meadow and also looking at taking the meetings on the road to locations throughout Shropshire, and the idea of an online meeting is certainly something that is not ruled out. A supporter who was in attendance, but does not live locally, explained that they were so happy to see this virtual meeting allowing them to take part as normally they would not be able to do so due to the distance unless they were visiting family.
    Brian believes that a hybrid model could be used with supporters meeting at the stadium, but for those who cannot travel or if for some other reason they couldn’t attend in person but wish to take part, then perhaps this could be a good alternative.
    Roger agreed that Brian’s hybrid idea is certainly something that the Supporters Parliament can look into for future meetings, as well as purely online on meetings to complement the face-to-face meetings at the Meadow. This meeting has been the first meeting of the SP since February 2020 and there has been some criticism that the SP has not been very active, or noticeable, throughout the pandemic, but now the SP is back and wants to return to the positive forward-thinking organization as we build towards fans returning to watch matches.

    Mike explained that after the fantastic fundraising campaign to produce the “Get Well Soon Steve Cotterill” banner, any leftover funds from the donations would be donated to NHS charities but has anyone approached Steve Cotterill to see if there was a particular part of the NHS where he would like to see these funds going to?
    Mike explained that he spoke to Brian soon after the banners were produced and at that time Steve was still recuperating it was believed that they should wait until he was back to 100% with he and Brian to have a discussion with Steve at a later date.

  • A supporter asked a question about other possible income for the Shrewsbury Town Football Club. The supporters’ pockets are burning to spend their money at the Club’s Shop & wondered if other services would return to the Montgomery Waters Meadow such as the Sunday lunches?
    Brian explained that the club are constantly monitoring everything happening within the hospitality industry along with information updates and advice from the UK Government, however, many of the staff were still on furlough and others, unfortunately, were let go in November 2020.
    The Football Club would love nothing better than to restore having events 7-days a week, 365-days a year, however, this is all restricted under Covid regulations. The Club are also having to look forward to what they can offer for hosting conferences as many businesses and people now use to holding their meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other platforms. The question for the club along with other conference venues is what can Shrewsbury Town Football Club offer to attract them back to rent the rooms, purchase lunches and tea & coffees etc.? Hybrid meetings are certainly an option which the Club could consider to be ahead of the other possible venues.

  • Another supporter wondered if the Club could make use of the car park at the stadium as an extra income stream such as hosting car boot sales, or farmers markets?
    Brian explained that there is a balance now with regards to the use of the carpark since the opening of the new Shrewsbury Town in the Community Astro-pitch which the club hope to have in operation 7-days a week along with the Shrewsbury Town Community Football Hub’s 5 & 7 a-side pitches. The club have looked into this in the past & it does come down to costs to profit ratios as security guards would have to be employed to maintain the grounds, toilets and their cleaning, etc. The hope is that the new Astro-pitch will attract more young people to be physically active be more involved with Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

Thank you for the support of those who attended the meeting and we hope to see you all in person when we are allowed and we certainly can’t wait to see the return of supporters to the stands of the Montgomery Waters Meadow along with the hopeful return of supporters to the roads following the team up and down the country.
We do hope to arrange some kind of meeting with the Manager Steve Cotterill and give him the Salopian greeting he deserves.

BBC Radio Shropshire’s fan of the day on a matchday is looking for supporters to take part for the new season, all you need to do is contact the Supporters Parliament and we can try and arrange it.
Mike also wished to thank Scott and Lewis from Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s Media Department who set up and hosted the meeting along with everything they have done as a team to provide supporters with as much information and content online as they have done along with Matt for his great work.

Shrewsbury Town's Supporters Parliament will be holding their first in-person meeting of 2021 on Tuesday 3rd August.

The meeting will take place at Montgomery Waters Meadow, kicking off at 7pm. This is a prime opportunity for the Salopian family to raise any concerns or suggestions ahead of the 2021/22 Sky Bet League One campaign.

The agenda for the meeting will be set in due course. For more details contact the SP at 


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