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Steve Cotterill post AFC Telford United

13 July 2022

Town boss Steve Cotterill spoke to Salop after yesterday's draw with AFC Telford United.

The manager discussed the game and said he was glad his players had bonded so well.

On the game:

"It was a good workout for the boys. We mixed it up a little bit; we got a couple of young lads out there in the first half and then the new boys came into the game in the second half. We needed to have a look at things because we haven't done too much teamwork at this moment in time because a lot of it has been the physical side of the game and I thought we looked good in the physical side of the game. I've got no problems with any of that but it'll take a little while to get some movements and patterns into them [the players] again because there are a few new players into it but it was a good workout for the players today and no injuries which is always good!"

On players' relationships with each other:

"At the moment, they probably know each other personally better than they know each other as footballers. That's because they haven't spent enough game time together but when that takes shape, they'll look better. There were a couple of moments tonight where I thought that if we looked a bit sharper we would've finished off those chances but all in all, it was a good game for us and a good run out on a lovely pitch so yeah, we were pleased with the physical side of the game.

"They've got plenty of time to get to know each other as footballers but I think [getting to know each other] personally is always the best way first of all because I think it helps if you like the person you're playing next to. I'm pleased that they all get on well. They'll have found out a lot in that game about who can get out of tight areas, who they pass to, who they don't pass to when it's tight so yeah, I just think there were plenty of plusses out of that game tonight but most importantly, we handled the physical side of the game well and that we came through with no injuries, that's really important."


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