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Staff member undertakes inspiring challenge to raise awareness for prostate cancer

7 August 2023

Dave Cossie, who has been a hugely popular member of staff at Salop for the past 14 years, has challenged himself to cycle 100 miles around the Croud Meadow to raise awareness for prostate cancer


Shrewsbury Town's car park manager and academy driver is cycling 100 miles around the Croud Meadow to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

After his twin brother was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease, Dave began getting regular tests until he too was diagnosed recently. 

He says that these tests have potentially saved his life and he is using this challenge to encourage people to make the same life-saving choice he did and get tested.

We spoke to Dave as he explained his story, the extent of the challenge he's undertaking and how the Salop first team and academy are getting involved.


"My twin brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer and because I was a twin, I was asked to get regular checks.

"I've had two or three which were normal and then my PSA blood test came back high on the next one.

"I had an MRI biopsy and they told me that I had prostate cancer. Luckily mine was caught early and that's what I'm trying to get across.

"If people go and ask for a PSA blood test it can give you an early indication that you have either an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

"Mine hadn't spread and I've opted to have mine removed. I wanted to cycle 100 miles just to make people aware because the impact it can have is devastating.

"For Afro-Caribbean people, it's one in four who can get it and it's one in eight for white people. It's a killer.

"Speak to your friends and family. Ask for a PSA blood test and insist as well because if one person had a PSA blood test and they got diagnosed early, it's a game-changer. It was for me because it hasn't spread and it's curable."


"I had an advert on Twitter or TikTok about people cycling 100 miles for prostate cancer. It's done through Just Giving but they don't take a cut, it all goes straight to Prostate Cancer UK who conducts research and helps families that have been devastated by it.

"I haven't been on a bike in four or five years and I needed to lose a bit for the operation so this seemed like the perfect thing for me to do!

"I'm now 45 miles into the challenge and I think I'll end up doing a bit more than 100 miles because I'm waiting for the operation.

"It's exactly half a mile around the outside of the stadium perimeter. I did 14 miles this morning and probably could've kept going!

"I borrowed one of the academy bikes which are fantastic."


"I've made the first team aware. Dan Udoh and Morgan Feeney are on hand to tip the players upside down and empty their pockets!

"The academy lads are going to do some extra miles around the cycling track at the sports village which will go on top of my 100 miles.

"Whatever we can do over 100 miles will hopefully keep helping to raise awareness and getting more money in. There's no downside. The earlier you get tested and the earlier it gets diagnosed is better for you. If this helps even one person it could actually save their life."


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