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Matt Taylor post Burton

29 December 2023


Matt Taylor post Burton

29 December 2023

Boss Matt Taylor met with the press following today's game at Burton Albion.

A goal from Beryly Lubala was enough to win it for the Brewers at Pirelli Stadium.
Town had more than enough chances to get something from the game with Max Mata, Jordan Shipley and substitute Tom Bayliss all going close, but Salop were unable to find that vital finish when it mattered.
Matt discussed a very disappointing evening in Staffordshire as his side look ahead to 2024.
On the game:
"The team worked really hard.
"But let's address the issues at the moment. We've had more shots than the opposition but they've only had to score one goal.
"And look, Jordan Shipley loses his man, it's his man. 
"We have centre-forwards who are getting chances, especially in the first half with Max and it just lacks that little bit of conviction.
"Decision-making in the final third cost us today and the real quality that I know the players have got they didn't deliver today which is really disappointing.
"It hurts stood here right now. I felt that, and if you look at the stats of the game we did enough to win the game, not lose it and it can't be that a team just has to score one goal and that's enough to beat us.
"But look, we're in a tough moment right now in terms of results but more importantly we're in a really difficult spot in terms of available players.
"Tom Bayliss trained yesterday for 20 minutes and I had to put him on the pitch today. 
"We've put Jack on at the end who is 16. We've got too many players in the treatment room, Dan Udoh is now injured, I've got two fit centre-forwards and that's it. It's really difficult at the moment.
"I can't question effort. I can question quality in those big moments when we get chances because the players have done it this season already, so they can do it.
"The reality of where we're at as a group is that the group has got smaller tonight. Carl Winchester, who picked up an injury in the Cheltenham game we thought would be fine to go on the bench and he's tweaked his calf in the warm-up so we couldn't use him.
"The plan was to try and get 5-10 minutes out of Tom Bayliss tonight; we've had to get 20-25 because Elliott Bennett has a sore hamstring.
"These are all things you can't legislate for and they're things that are hurting us at the moment.
"In terms of their application, the players gave everything tonight. But you can't come to a place like this and concede the type of goal we did and then create the chances that we did and not put the ball in the back of the net.
On the frustrations within the fanbase:
"You hear their frustrations tonight - I've got no issues with that.
"But you have to understand where we are. This football club did really well last season with a different group of players and where we are right now with the players we have available, we are at full stretch in terms of who's available to be picked.
"I knew the job would be tough but I didn't expect all of these unforeseen issues that we would pick up injuries, no one can legislate for that.
"You'd argue some of your better players within the squad aren't available to be selected.
"Look at the loans, that's cost us with injuries. It's been a bizarre sequence of events that has got us to this point but we're still seven points clear of the relegation zone.
"And look, that doesn't mean to say that's what we're trying to avoid this season, it just means there has to be a bit of understanding that we've relied on probably the same group of 13 or 14 players for the last two months and that's what is really killing us.
"We tried to freshen up the team today and some of the players haven't played a lot of football. 
"Therefore decision-making becomes harder when you're not in that position all the time.
"But one thing I do know is if we perform at the level and are better at defending set plays because at the moment it's nowhere near good enough, and also we've got to put the ball in the back of the net.
"You can't create the chances we did and the final ball not be good enough or that final pass or shot on goal not be good enough.
"It can't happen and that's what's hurting at the moment.
“At this precise moment in time, it’s really tough because you can’t get on the grass to train. 

“The schedule dictates the players need to recover – they have got two days now to recover until we play again. 

“Tomorrow we will find out who is available, who is fit and available Monday. 

“I’ve got no doubt we’ll be patching a few players up because we have got a group that is in pain in the dressing room mentally. 

“But we have also got a group that are hurting physically at the moment – that is where we are.” 

On the transfer window opening soon: 

“We need to get some new bodies in. 

“These players need a bit of help. We have to get players in that will affect the team. 

“If we look at the area where we are not hitting the numbers we want to – that is up front. 

“We need some strikers who can put the ball in the back of the net. 

“We create opportunities, we create chances, but that final moment is just not going enough. 

“There is a level of inconsistency that concerns me, that concerns the supporters. I’m sure everyone would agree with that. 

“We need a bit of help. There are a lot of good players we are looking at. But if they are good players then there will be other clubs looking at them as well.” 

On when additions could arrive: 

“We have got Roland (Idowu) signed. He is available to be in the squad for Wrexham which is a real positive because he has shown some really good moments in training. 

“He is understanding what we want. 

“We want additions as soon as possible. That is where we are. 

“The players we have got in the squad, Carl Winchester is unavailable. Tom Bayliss has training for 20 minutes and we have had to put him on the pitch for 25 minutes. 

“Everything that can go against us, is going against us. 

“In terms of effort and desire, anyone who comes in has to match that of the group. But we need more quality.” 

On the futures of injured loanees Kieron Phillips, Ryan Finnigan and Brandon Fleming: 

“We have had conversations. Ryan Finnigan is still back at Southampton. 

“Kieron Phillips is at Huddersfield. Brandon Fleming has gone back to Hull. 

“It doesn’t look as if any of them will be fit imminently. 

“We are obviously in dialogue with the players and the football clubs. 

“Those three players we have mentioned there would make a massive difference to us. A huge difference and we just haven’t been able to keep them fit. 

“I don’t think that’s any fault of our own. It’s just the injuries we have picked up this season are indescribable. 

“But as a group that has got to bring us closer together and I’m sure it will do.” 

On how he’s finding this tough run: 

“Football is a crazy game. In a few days, we have got another game against Fleetwood. 

“If we go and win that the picture changes. 

“How am I dealing with it? I’m trying to stay level-headed and understand that while supporters are frustrated, I can guarantee there is nobody more frustrated and angry than I am. 

“We are going through a difficult period. My job is to make sure I am consistent with my behaviour and consistent with my messages. 

“And the players now have got to come to the fore now against Fleetwood. It’s only them that can do it. We don’t have a magic wand. 

“The players that are selected and the players that come on have got to get a result against Fleetwood. It’s that simple.”


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