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Pete Brophy | Staff Feature

15 June 2023

Club News

Pete Brophy | Staff Feature

15 June 2023

It’s fair to say life could be a lot simpler for Shrewsbury Town’s new chief operating officer, Pete Brophy.

Having spent more than 30 years in the police force, the former detective chief inspector decided he would combine retirement with a part-time safeguarding role at Croud Meadow.  

But then a wind of change swept through the club.  

League One is a division that has changed drastically in recent years.   

Clubs with bigger budgets and larger crowds are making it harder and harder to compete.  

And that’s why chairman Roland Wycherley MBE felt we had to start boxing a little bit smarter if we want to remain competitive.  

It has led to a new management structure that has seen Micky Moore become the club’s first-ever director of football.  

Duncan Montgomery has been appointed finance director, while Jamie Edwards – who has done an outstanding job building the Shrewsbury Town Foundation over the past eight years, has taken on a business development role at the club.  

But just as Pete was getting used to the benefits of working part-time, the chairman offered him the chief operating officer role, a job that is very much a full-time post.  

“It was only a few weeks ago that I was offered the chief operating officer role – but it feels like a lot longer,” Pete began.  

“When I discussed the position with the chairman, I was both surprised and elated.   

“But it would have been foolish of me not to ascertain just what the role incorporated and how my skills and experience would work alongside other senior managers.  

I’m a lifelong football supporter and I understand your (the fans') apprehension. All of this is new and it’s change. I get it. 

“You (the fans) are committed Shrewsbury Town fans and you have a critical role to play in this. 

And it’s really important for people to know I am not the replacement chief executive officer at Shrewsbury Town.  

This club has been operating with a CEO – a person who has complete control of all decision-making and direction - and many clubs and organisations still dobut a growing number are now introducing a management structure whereby all those ‘spinning plates’ previously in the hands of one person, are shared more equitably among four or five people.   

“That is what we are doing here.  

“Operating this way allows a greater degree of transparency, challenge and scrutiny across all work areas at a senior level.  

“It’s the way, I believe, organisations should work if they want to be as effective as possible.”  

Whereas in the past, Town’s CEO would be responsible for finances, growth and would be involved in footballing decisions, now everyone has their own area of expertise and experience to bring to the club. 

Micky Moore is in charge of all football matters. He will install a footballing philosophy throughout the club.  

He will also sign and develop players to fit that style of play.  

Jamie Edwards will be responsible for improving the club off the pitch, growing crowds and improving the matchday experience for supporters.  

Duncan Montgomery, meanwhile, will be in charge of finances.  

Pete’s position is also a non-football post, with his aim to ensure the club is run as well as it possibly can be behind the scenes.  

He will utilise his experience in reviewing the operational activity of the club and develop a more robust and accountable governance and structure. 

“As much as I would dearly love to be involved in choosing players and coaches, I know my limitations and how bad I am at picking fantasy football teams,” he said.  

“That is very much Micky’s job and he has wonderful contacts across the Premier League and the EFL so I’m excited to see just how we move forward as a team and as a club.  

“It will be Micky, the new head coach and all the football staff who will deserve the credit for the success we have on the field.  

“But if the club is run properly behind the scenes, it can only help everyonthat’s connected with it – including supporters. 

“At Shrewsbury Town, off the pitch, I have identified significant area for improvement.   

“The staff here are all committed to their work, to this club, to your club and I have been impressed by their work ethic.  

“But we can and we must do better. I have worked over the last few weeks to pull together new internal management structures, so everyone knows precisely who they report to.   

“It can’t be the case that everyone reports to the same person, so we are changing. don’t accept that because things have always been the way, they should always be that way. 

I’m also working alongside Jamie Edwards to develop a governance process, which will help outline what we are doing, why and how.  

I’m responsible for developing a new HR system and I’ve already met partners from the local authority regarding stadium safety.   

“I know it’s not the most exciting stuff in the world. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’d much rather go for a drink with Micky than with me.  

“But these are important areas and it’s a large portfolio that I am responsible for 

It’s HR, health and safety, safeguarding, stadium safety, events, EDI and so on.  

It’s not unmanageable and I am surrounded by people who have been here for years who can help me when I need it. This is a professional business, I just want to sharpen it.”  

In his role working to improve how Shrewsbury Town is run, Pete has also met with representatives from the women’s team as they continue to grow.  

And he hopes fans are starting to see the future of the club is exciting.  

“I’ve had a positive meeting with STFC women’s team and we’ve already come up with a few ideas as to how we can and should support them,” he continued.  

“This is their home too, they have had a lot of success in recent years and they are another part of the club we want to build and grow. I want us to celebrate all of our success. 

But there are so many areas where I believe we can do better and improve things for the supporters.  

“There is no doubt I will make mistakes. But I’ll try to rectify them when I do. All I ask is the opportunity to do so.  

I’m encouraged by the chairman’s ideas and vision for the club and I’m really proud to be part of this new management team.  

“Jamie Edwards has the role of primarily managing contracts and commercial activity, he also has the fan engagement lead.   

“Duncan will oversee the financial aspect of the club and our club secretary, Jayne Bebb, who perhaps was rarely mentioned before, is also a key team member who plays a significant role in being our conduit to the EFL, Premier League and FA.   

It’s a strong teamIt's important, though, that I thank you all for your patience with us – and with me - over the last month or so.   

“There has been lots of changeunprecedented perhaps. But we will build something that will be successful if we all stick together. It’s a big ask, but I ask it anyway. 

Internally across the club I’ve introduced #bettertogether as an ethos for us to work to because I really want everyone to know they are part of a team. Your team.  

“I want everyone to feel supported and that they are part of something where everyone is moving in the same direction.  

“You, the fans, have a critical role to play in that. The club doesn’t exist without the team. The team doesn’t exist without the club. And none of it exists without you. You are Shrewsbury Town Football Club. This is Shrewsbury Town Football Club. 

We will move forward. We will get better. Together.” 

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