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Post Barnsley | Paul Hurst

13 February 2024


Post Barnsley | Paul Hurst

13 February 2024

Boss Paul Hurst spoke to the media following our 1-1 draw with Barnsley.

In what was a breathtaking game at the Croud Meadow, Town took the lead early in the first half when Nicky Cadden turned the ball into his own net under pressure from Tom Bloxham.

From that point on, both teams had numerous chances to score with Marko Marosi making two outstanding saves for Hurst's side.

Town also carried a major threat going forward with Morgan Feeney, Carl Winchester, Tom Bayliss and Aaron Pierre all going close.

But just as it looked like Shrewsbury would go on to secure a 1-0 win, Barnsley won a stoppage-time penalty which was converted by Kane.

Speaking to the assembled media, Hurst discussed the game, the late penalty and taking points off Derby and Barnsley in our last two games. And the boss also praised Town's fans for their outstanding support. 

On the game: 

"I spoke before the game about 1-0 wins and how good they feel when you've been in a real close game.

"And I started to wonder at one stage whether that would actually come true. It wasn't to be.

"But to back Saturday's result up with a performance and, let's be honest, a good result still - I think it is a credit to the players.

"I thought we looked like we were running on empty in quite a few areas.

"I'd like us to be fitter generally. I would like us to have some options that we perhaps haven't got.

"But credit to the lads who absolutely gave everything and while it was a big effort - and I'll give them credit for that - that is what we need. We need that sort of commitment, we need that sort of effort.

"It can't just come against a Barnsley or a Derby. It has to come whoever we face - starting with Wigan on Saturday.

"I think they (Wigan) got beat tonight. But from what I've seen of them so far, they have got some extremely good players.

"We are going to need to come with the same commitment, desire and some quality as well to try and get the win."

On taking an early lead:

"We felt there were certain parts of the game where we could hurt Barnsley and maybe the goal was a slight example of that.

"At the same time, we always knew they would cause us problems and we went through different scenarios and then they probably played something a bit different again so you are trying to adapt on the touchline.

"We got the little tactics board and we're trying to show them and tell them.

"We're trying to get the senior lads to help some of the younger ones. I needed my remote control again, that was for sure! I'll have to see if I can get one fitted on a couple of players!

"But it was a great start and that hopefully gives the lads confidence. It gets the crowd involved, they were great all night."

On both teams having chances in the second half:

"I feel for Marko because I think he got his hand to the penalty as well.

"He deserved a clean sheet tonight, there is no doubt about it.

"More often than not, when you play against a top team you're going to need your keeper to make some big saves. He certainly did that. He made a couple of excellent saves.

"But it wasn't all one-sided. We missed a couple of chances. Their keeper has made some decent saves.

"I thought our set-piece delivery tonight was excellent. We worked on one corner, showed them, and Dan Udoh makes a great block from Morgan Feeney unfortunately.

"I think it was flying in the top corner and we had spoken about Morgan trying to get his name on the scoresheet.

"It wasn't all one-sided. Albeit, they do carry a big threat."

On the penalty:

"It's a penalty, no qualms.

"Taylor (Perry) does not mean to give away a penalty, I can see what he is trying to do.

"He panics realistically. He is trying to keep that victory intact, and he dangles out his leg when he should probably just take a step and try to get in line with the ball.

"The distance between them, it would have been some finish or a lucky finish.

"That was one mistake, and I guess it is costly in terms of the outcome of that one.

"But I have said to him, get your head up, he is a young player, and there were loads of mistakes out there tonight by lots of players on both teams.

"Unfortunately, that one is in the penalty area at a time when the victory is so close.

"But there is no blame there, just learn from it and try to keep your composure in difficult situations."

On taking points from both Derby and Barnsley:

"I think it has to be (encouraging).

"We can look at the league table and my good mate Darrell (Clarke) has had another good victory with Cheltenham tonight.

"Teams are picking up points. But I think teams will look at our results - maybe not at 89 minutes - but prior to both games and think 'I can't really see them picking up a point.'

"But that is two more points. We were talking about, strangely, almost wanting a draw and now like buses we have got two.

"I can only see positives. Of course, we would like to be speaking about a 1-0 win and three points. But I have to say there is a lot of encouragement to take from that tonight.

"The slight concern is we have got to go again on Saturday on a heavy pitch. I'm hoping where Wigan played it was very heavy as well.

"But we will do all we can to recover and get another positive performance from the players."

On the fans:

"Absolutely (the support was great). I think when they scored the penalty, there was a small period of deflation and then they realised the players needed them and got behind them.

"At the end, it's not quite like celebrating a victory. But I think they can see that was a good effort tonight.

"We've had some good performances individually. It was a pretty exciting game for a 1-1. There could have been a few more goals at either end.

"We want them to come back, keep supporting. Because I keep saying it, we have all got to be in this together.

"The players need that noise sometimes to spur them on. And I think if they see them putting in that kind of effort, then they will back them. That is all we ask."


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