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Paul Hurst post Blackpool

2 March 2024


Paul Hurst post Blackpool

2 March 2024

Paul Hurst met with the press following today's game against Blackpool

In a game of few chances, Karamoko Dembele and Haydon Coulson were on target for the visitors as they secured a 2-0 win.

Dan Udoh and Jordan Shipley had chances for Town but ultimately we were unable to find that moment of quality when needed. 

Speaking post-match, The boss said he felt there wasn't much between the two sides.

But he felt the visitors showed more commitment in the battle for three points.


"I think if we're being totally honest we were beaten by a better team with very good players in it.

"But my disappointment from my point of view was that there wasn't much in the game really, and then we concede a poor goal.

"It shouldn't have been a restart when it occurred, the referee should've let Tunmise (Sobowale) get back in but he didn't.

"A bit happened after it but I would've preferred Tunmise had got back in. The fourth official said I was right but what happens? Nothing.

"After that, I think we huffed and puffed at times in that second period but not a lot, and obviously we then concede a second goal and it's game over.

"I just feel that the goal knocks us, it looks like it takes belief out of some of the players which I'm not accepting.

"I've said that the fans here are great because they get behind the players, I said it when I was here last time.

"It's a nice play to play for a home player and I'm sure there will be the odd comment as you're always going to get but they don't get on your back.

"That shouldn't knock confidence - keep the ball and keep committed, but that's another word that I've used.

"I don't feel we commit to everything involved in the game and that was maybe summed up a little bit when Dan had his chance. I know it ended up being offside but when Dan has his chance, heads it and the keeper tips it over, they can't have the ball in the box from a corner, their player swings and misses it, it bounces and they still get the next touch to it.

"That's impossible. That's an example of that commitment, running in at goal.

"Their lad scores the second goal because he's on the move, he's wanting to go and score the goal.

"There are too many situations where, not that it's bad attitude, but wanting to be on the front foot for me and I think we dip our toe rather than jumping in there and that's what I want to see from us moving forward.

"We've got to be more aggressive as a team as well if we are going to get the results we want."


"I've seen that they can do it.

"I think Lincoln, whether I like it or not, was just one of those performances.

"I thought the performance today was of the same ilk personally but in terms of our attempts at goal, I think we had seven, I thought we had a couple of half chances, but I don't think they had too many.

"When they had an opportunity, they punished. I think Harry's (Burgoyne) made his best save when it was offside and he did pretty well with the other things, but he'll say himself it was relatively comfortable and that's the frustration.

"They had a little bit more control with the players they have and I think that's no major surprise.

"I just want us to be more committed and have an understanding of if the ball is going longer you've got to get on the move.

"There's no point of the ball going up in the air and you start looking at it, it's too late.

"We were a yard late on a lot of things today."


"The thinking behind it was that Jason has played (at centre-back) for me once when he came on at Reading.

"I just felt with their system as well and (Karamoko) Dembele and the areas he picks up. We negated that quite a bit but when he did get it, he's got to be one of the best players in the league in terms of that.

"So we wanted that security, but probably what we didn't get was too much going the other way.

"Without the ball we were okay to a point, but it was hard to get that pressure on them. We looked in general, to my eyes at least, secure when we were playing it.

"We changed it to two up top in the second half but if I'm honest I didn't really like that and I'll take that one on the chin.

"Then we went back to what I guess has been more of the go-to formation and again, (we had) tiny bits but not a lot."


"I'm not standing here thinking I wasn't expecting this, that's the brutal truth. However, we can do enough to be a League One team next season.

"However there's got to be an element of belief and commitment.

"I don't mean commitment of going on the pitch and running around, I mean commitment to the situations as we've discussed.

"Being deemed aggressive, forward-thinking, understanding the situations - just being on the front foot more to make things happen.

"We talk about trying to score a goal. We had a corner and I watched some of our lads stand next to a defender and not move.

"Unless you're six foot six and it lands perfectly on your head, and even then you're probably not going to score.

"I go back to their second goal, he's arriving to meet the ball and we've got to have more of that.

"Chey's an obvious one who does that who runs and gets his head on things for us - we need more of that because you don't have to be a giant to have got in front of a man or behind a man or in between men to get something.

"You're on the move and not standing there waiting for something to happen."

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